Vision without Sight: Three Tales of Inspiring Blind People

Adversity faces all of us, but for many people the thought of losing their vision, our dominant sense, is a horrifying prospect. Read on to to discover how these three amazing blind people have overcome their disability to achieve amazing things and inspire us all. 1. Daniel Kish Daniel was born with Retinoblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer that attacks… Read more

Deep Blue Eyes in the Deep Blue – Sinkholes That Resemble Eyes

Last week, we discovered eyes in space, and  this week we’ve come back down to earth, and discovered human eyes in the middle of the deep blue ocean. These “eyes” are actually sinkholes, which bear a striking resemblance to a human iris; deep, black spheres surrounded by colourful, lighter shallows. The formation of a sinkhole… Read more

Lenstore Launches Omni-Channel Offer in Partnership with Vision Express

In late 2013, Lenstore was acquired by GrandVision, owner of high-street brand Vision Express, and the largest optical retail group in the world. We’re now excited to announce that we have partnered with Vision Express to provide our customers with complimentary eye tests and contact lens aftercare at no extra cost. We have always believed that eye health… Read more

A Spotty Sun, The Eye of Sauron and the Helix Nebula – 3 Eyes in Space

On the 29th June, Lord of the Rings fans celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Fellowship of the Ring, the first book of the epic trilogy covering fantasy lands, Orc battles and Mount Doom. Although the battle for Middle Earth has been won, it seems Sauron has moved from the depths of Mordor to our very… Read more

3 Gadgets Illuminating the Dark

Millions of people around the world struggle every day to get dressed, navigate streets and drive safely. Scientists are looking to rectify that, with innovative inventions that will change lives, minimize road accidents and plumb the hidden depths of the earth. From the Crabster CR200 to the FingerReader, here are the top three inventions that… Read more

4 Reasons Why Google Glass May Not Be All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Over the past few years, we have seen digital technology soar to the summit of public interest with the likes of smartphones and tablets. This is, of course, only the beginning! With ‘the Internet of Things’ and wearable technology taking off, the use of digital devices is likely to increase. Google Glass has created a… Read more

Opening our eyes to the damaging effects of digital devices

As we swiftly move into the digital age, increasing numbers of us are becoming dependent on digital devices for work, socialising and recreation. From televisions and computers to smartphones and tablets, there are more opportunities than ever for children to interact with digital technology both in education and play. But how long are children using… Read more

A Site For Eyesores – Competition Winners

Here at Lenstore, we wanted to change peoples perceptions of the ugly, by making local eyesores beautiful. So we invited people from all over the country to take a photo of their local eyesore and upload it to one of our categories: electricity pylons, derelict buildings, graffiti and litter, to be in with the chance… Read more

4 Weird And Wonderful Animals With Wacky Eyes

Blind mole rats, naked mole rats and primates with eyes bigger than their brains; the world plays host to many weird and wonderful creatures with wacky eyes. Read on to discover about the mole that has functioning eyes but still cannot see, and the bird whose picture has been iconised in an internet meme… 1…. Read more

Self-Driving Cars and Smart Contact Lenses; How Google Inventions Are Changing the Optical World

Deep in the heart of California, lies a small, red-brick building. On the outside, it seems ordinary, but inside, lies intelligence and prototypes that could change the lives of millions around the world. This building is the home of Google X, a semi-secret facility dedicated to major technological advancements. At Lenstore, we’ve collated just a… Read more