The Ultimate Three Course Meal For Healthy Eyes

We all know the drill: following a regimented contact lens care routine and having regular eye checks with your Optician is the best way to care about your eyes. However, not many people know that certain foods can also do wonders for your vision. Including “eye foods” in your daily meal plan will protect you… Read more

Do Carrots Really Help You See In The Dark? 3 Vision “Mumisms” Explained

A new term has come to the streets, but it’s not cool, and it’s definitely not down with the kids. The word is “mumism”, and it’s used to describe the phrases mothers use to discourage their children from any mildly irresponsible activity – from refusing to eat their greens, to sitting close to a TV… Read more

Eyesight and Sports: When Perfect Vision is the Key to Success

The concept of advanced vision for elite sports performance became popular in 1886, when American retailers Sears, Roebuck and Co. started advertising their sport eyeglasses. These spectacles provided vast, uninterrupted fields of view, and came with plastic safety lenses instead of the standard glass lenses. As sports continue to evolve and become more competitive, 20/10… Read more

The United Kingdom: A Nation of Eyesores?

In our age of urbanisation, we are caught between something of a rock and a hard place. While developments in technology and modernisation have made the very best services available at a moment’s notice, the number of eyesores as a result has risen monumentally. Construction sites, road works and much more fill our cities and… Read more

A Site for Eyesores Competition Has Launched!

With a chance to win a share of £2,000 for your chosen charity, the Site for Eyesores competition has officially launched with some amazing results so far. The aim is to make the ugly beautiful; to make the unappealing something you want to look at. Based on our survey results, we’ve found that the British… Read more

Discover the Technology That Can Grant You Superhuman Night Vision

Graphene is a wonder material, capable of superheroic feats; it only takes a sliver of it, a sheet as thin as cling film, to sustain the weight of a fully grown elephant. If you’re thinking this belongs to a whacky comic book plot, think again: graphene is a real, newly discovered material, with the potential… Read more

3 Simple Tips to Look After Your Eyes at the Office

Research shows that the average person spends up to 12 hours a day in front of a mobile, television or computer screen. Although working shifts account for the majority of those hours, we are just as likely to spend chunks of our spare time glued to our monitor: according to another study, an astonishing 47%… Read more

Augmented Reality – Is the Future Really Here Today?

Take a second to picture this: the year is 2434, and the world is a landscape of skyscrapers, robots and hover boards. Humans are walking around in a zombie-like daze, absorbed in something only they can see. This isn’t a scene from “28 Days Later”, and neither is it the plot of a horror film;… Read more

How 3D Printing Will Revolutionise the Way You Live

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have invented an inkjet computer than can successfully print retinal cells, according to a report by Science Daily. Professor Keith Martin, a key figure in this pioneering medical technology, says: “This is the first time that cells from the adult central nervous system have been successfully printed; we’ve demonstrated… Read more

The Iconic Eyes of Iconic People

A recent study concluded that during an average conversation, people only make eye contact for 30-60% of the time; a rather shocking figure, considering that many body language experts assert that the eyes are the best gauge of a person’s character. To celebrate the power of a gaze, we compiled a short list of people… Read more