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Valentine's infographic

7 ways to avoid bad gifts this Valentine’s

The ‘most romantic time of the year’ is fast approaching. For many of us this means absolutely nothing at all – after all Valentine’s is definitely a ‘hate it or love it’ kind of holiday. But for those of us who do celebrate it, the present buying can be especially tricky – you’ve only just exhausted all your best ideas on your partner’s Christmas gift and now you need to come up with a whole new one!

Some people are certainly more creative when it comes to present buying. What started as a casual and amusing discussion about me receiving computer anti-virus one year (!) quickly sparked an office competition to find the world’s worst Valentine’s gifts.

We wanted to save you (or your partner) from experiencing the same despair as I did when I opened up the box to see anti-virus staring back at me. We were inspired by the bad gifts we had found, and the stories that accompanied them, to create a fun graphic guide on how to avoid them at Valentine’s.

7 ways to avoid bad gifts