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Dawn Stephens-Borg

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Hello! I’m Dawn and I’ve been a Content Writer at Lenstore since January 2019. I work within a very talented Creative Department with designers, writers and marketing analysts.

I have been a content writer for the last six years, working in both print and digital environments. I first started my career as the commercial writer for my local newspaper in Devon, creating and sub-editing newspaper supplements and magazines. I went on to work in the travel and tourism sector locally in Devon and then within the SEO department of a marketing agency, writing content for some of the biggest players in the UK travel industry.

In my spare time I like to walk, swim and eat my way through London. I have a passion for pizza and dread to think how many I’ve eaten in my lifetime. I’m also an avid cider and cheese enthusiast. My favourite place to travel is northern Spain. It’s the perfect blend of countryside and coast and just so happens to be famous for its cider and cheese.

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