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Selina Pfitscher

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Servus! Let me introduce myself: I am the German Content Writer in our lovely Creative Team.

I’ve been with Lenstore for about ten months. I first started as a Customer Service Representative in the German team in July 2018, where – apart from helping customers – I also worked on translations for our German website.  After a few months I moved over to the Creative Team as a German Junior Content Writer. During this time, I’ve been mostly writing content for our German website, managing our DE social media channels and newsletters, but also helped out with a few English articles on the Vision Hub.

What’s worth knowing about myself? I am a proud Austrian and only moved to London about two years ago. I am absolutely in love with London but also miss the lovely mountains back at home a lot. I am a bit obsessed with healthy food and exercise, but I see that as an excuse to eat lots of cake. My absolute favourite is the famous Austrian Sacher-Torte. You should try it if you ever happen to go to Austria, it’s sensational! Did I mention I’m a proud Austrian?

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