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6 Best Eye Makeup Video Tutorials For Flawless Eyes

YouTube has given girls around the world the power to become beauty queens without even leaving the comfort of their homes. Thousands of how-to makeup tutorials mean there are endless opportunities to experiment and try out new looks.

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, so we wanted to share with you six of the best eye makeup tutorials out there.

6. A Bolder, Brighter Smokey Eye - Adriana Braje

As a makeup and fashion guru, Adriana has a YouTube channel filled with all the beauty tips a girl could need. She is a great teacher, showing her viewers exactly which products she uses in the hope that we can look as beautiful as she does by the time we’re done.

Here, Adriana reveals her more daring take on the classic smoky eye look, which uses bolder and brighter shades than usual. The vibrant colours are most certainly for more courageous viewers, but Adriana proves that experimenting with colours pays off.

5. How To Hide Dark Under Eye Circles - Heidi Hamoud

Makeup artist Heidi sends her advice all the way from Australia, with tutorials ranging from soft, natural looks to dramatic glamour. If you’re a beauty beginner, her videos are a must-watch. You’ll be a pro before long!

In this video Heidi shows us her beauty technique for making eye bags vanish. Even a great night’s sleep is not always enough to fight off the under-eye circles that we all love to hate, which is why this tutorial is so great. Dark under-eye circles are not attractive, and should be restricted to pandas only!

4. 8 Tricks Which Will Make Your Eyes Look Bigger - Aly Art

Being a singer and an artist, Aly is a very talented young lady. Her YouTube makeup tutorials are proof that she can really do anything. She is great at reinventing celebrity makeup looks, such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian, and she blesses us with her talent.

In this video, Aly shows off eight tricks to make your eyes look big and wide. While this is usually the purpose of eye makeup in the first place, Aly manages to keep it looking as natural as possible.

3. Perfect for a Party - Katerina Beauty Blog

Katerina shows off her beauty and her makeup talent across the many tutorials on her channel. Her videos are as educational as they are stunning and after watching a few, you too will feel like a professional.

This look is perfect for any kind of special event and, like Adriana, it adds a bit of thrill to the classic smokey eye look. If you’re a makeup novice, there’s no need to fear - Katerina describes the look in an easy-to-follow, straightforward way.

2. How to Create a Striking Smokey Eye Look - Roxxsaurus

If you want to learn a new hair style or experiment with your eye makeup, Roxxsaurus is the go-to channel. Roxi is only 19, yet her makeup knowledge is greater than what most of us achieve in a lifetime.

When attempting the smoky eye look, there’s always a chance you’ll end up looking like you’ve been punched in the face. However, Roxi’s tutorial simplifies the smoky eye look to the extent that even a modest beginner can master it.

1. Seductive eyes for Valentine’s Day - Shonagh Scott

Shonagh has ten years’ experience as a makeup artist and her knowledge really shines through in this tutorial. No matter what look you want to learn, chances are that Shonagh’s channel will have it. She knows what she’s talking about and makes it as straightforward as possible so her viewers can recreate the flawless looks she so effortlessly achieves.

In this video, Shonagh shares her talent with a step-by-step guide to achieve a sexy yet sophisticated eye shadow look. As she says, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, but after watching we’re sure you’ll have the skills to adapt the look for any occasion.