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View of the shopping street

Bridging the gap between online shopping and the high street

We live in a consumer driven world. We also live in a world where people work hard, play hard and often have little time left over to carry out what they consider to be mundane tasks; going to the bank, getting the food shop in, and of course buying contact lenses. It is for this exact reason that the number of regular online shoppers increases each year, with reports suggesting that the online food market alone is growing at about 20%. It’s no wonder that Morrison’s, the only major UK supermarket chain without an online presence, were really stung by the cold this winter.

Online shopping is great for convenience, but it’s unlike the High Street where there are rent prices that need paying, an enticing window display, and a smiling customer service assistant to meet and greet you at the door. The nature of the online marketplace means that, in essence, almost anyone can open shop. Competition becomes fierce and it is soon discovered that some online retailers are unreliable.

So what can be done about this seemingly ever increasing demand for online shopping and low quality competition? Simple. Bridge the gap with the High Street to prove you’re all about quality.

We asked ourselves what does the High Street offers in terms of convenience, and what can we do at Lenstore to bridge the gap?

On the high Street you can see what you’re buying and you know exactly what you’re getting

When it comes to buying contact lenses, your Optician should offer you a free trial on the brand they think is best for your eyes before you need to commit to buying. This is similar to going into a shop, trying on a jumper to make sure it fits, but buying it from home later for a cheaper price – you know what you’re getting, it’s the same brand, it’s just a different supplier.

When you buy it, you have it in your hands immediately

Unfortunately we haven’t quite developed the technology to teleport our products directly into your hands (yet!) but we have got the next best thing – same day delivery. This means that if you place an order in the morning, depending on our stock availability, you could have your lenses delivered to your door later on the same day.

When you visit your Optician you can get professional optical advice

Contact lenses are medical products, and so it makes perfect sense that you should have easy access to an Optician when buying them. You get this on the High Street, and you can also get this at Lenstore. Our Clinical Team are always available during our opening hours to provide professional optical advice to our customers.

Most of us know the types of online retailers that compete for the too-good-to-be-true prices, and exploit their customers’ trust in the process by sending them cheap products. At Lenstore, they’re not our competition, the High Street is, because that’s the level of service that we strive to parallel.