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Caring for your eyes on holiday

Taking care of your eyes while on holiday can often require a totally different set of precautions compared to being at home. You’ve only got easy access to whatever you bring with you, and shopping for the eye care products you need may prove difficult.

If you’ve got a trip abroad planned for this year, then you should always plan ahead to ensure your eyes receive the optimum care. This article takes a look at a few top eye care tips that everyone should keep in mind when going on holiday. 

What should you pack for your holiday?

When packing for your holiday, it’s probably a good idea to prioritise your essential medical supplies over that extra shirt. Here’s a handy packing checklist of eye care supplies that you might need to bring:

  • Extra contact lenses. Bring more contact lenses than you’d normally need for the time frame that you’re away for. Contacts can be lost or damaged, so it’s best to have backup supplies for when you need them.
  • Spare set of glasses. Even if you only wear contacts, you should have a set of glasses handy. Keep them separate from your contact lenses if possible, so that you’ve always got a backup should you lose one or the other.
  • Solutions. Don’t forget to bring any solutions you might need, as well as storage cases.
  • Medicines. Always ensure you have all your necessary medicines – don’t get caught abroad without the medication you need.
  • Sunglasses. Be sure to pack UV-blocking sunglasses, even if you aren’t travelling to a ‘hot’ country. The sun’s rays can affect your eyes even in cloudy conditions if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors!
  • Wide-rimmed hat. Particularly if you’re travelling somewhere sunny, it’s a good idea to pack a wide-rimmed hat. This will further help to shade your eyes from the sun.

Avoid dry eyes during your flight

Plane flight

As anyone who is prone to the condition, dry eyes can really take the fun out of your day. If you’ve got a flight planned, it’s always a good idea to bring along some eye drops or other rewetting solution with you.

The air conditioning on flights makes for very dry conditions, increasing the likelihood of dry eye syndrome. This is particularly true for contact lens wearers, who should always have a case and solution with them when wearing extended wear or monthly lenses. If you wear daily disposables, it’s a good idea to bring a spare set with you, especially for lengthier journeys. 

Hydration is always important, but particularly when you’re stuck on a plane for hours! Drink lots of water, and bring a bottle with you when boarding. This is great for your general health, as well as keeping your eyes properly hydrated.

Precautions while you’re away

Sunglasses beach

So you’ve packed all the correct stuff, you’ve made it through the flight and you’re checked into the hotel. Now what?

Once you’ve arrived on holiday, there are a few pointers that you can take to ensure your eyes stay healthy and undamaged. For starters, make sure to wear your sunglasses outdoors. This really can’t be overstated enough. Not wearing sunglasses in a bright environment could lead to your eye’s retina being painfully burned, or even more serious, long-term conditions. For more tips on wearing sunglasses on holiday, read about how the sun’s rays can affect your eye health

If you’re planning on going swimming, then swimming goggles are strongly advised. Water-borne bacteria from the sea or pool can cause eye infections, but goggles go a long way towards preventing it. Avoid wearing contacts while swimming, and consider purchasing prescription goggles.