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How long after an eye infection can I start to wear contact lenses again?

If you have been diagnosed with an eye infection and administrated an antibiotic eye drop, it would be advisable to complete the course of antibiotics before attempting to wear contact lenses. This is normally takes around 7 days.

It is always advisable to arrange an appointment with your optician or GP to ensure that the infection has cleared before continuing wearing your lenses.

If you had the infection whilst wearing monthly or a 2-weekly contact lens, you will need to discard the lens and lens case, as these will be contaminated, and no longer fit for use.

Top tips

  • Whilst using your eyedrop or ointment it is advisable to keep the tip of the bottle away from your eye area to avoid contamination.
  • Do not wear make up until your infection has cleared and discard any make up that was used when the infection began.
  • Do not share towels or pillows