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Green eye shimmery makeup close up

How to pick the perfect makeup colours to enhance your eyes

Picking the perfect eye makeup colour can seem like a fairly daunting task – and with a spectrum of shades ranging from neutral to neon, you may sometimes feel you have too many options to choose from!

Brown eyes

Brown is the most common eye colour in the world, and comes in a huge range of different shades. To accentuate deep, warm tones, try contrasting them with creamy champagnes and caramel golds. 

Sweep the lighter shades across the lid, and highlight contours with subtle chocolates. Finally, smudge a smoky dark eyeliner along the base of your lashes, to add depth and definition to your eyes.

There are many more options for enhancing beautiful brown eyes.  Naturally rich dark tones look fab contrasted with bright and vibrant colours, so if you’re feeling adventurous, try applying a thick block colour of cobalt blue eyeliner.

Blue and grey eyes

The biggest trap that people with blue eyes fall into is the old myth that blue complements blue when it comes to eye shadow colouring. In reality, wearing a bold blue will drown your natural eye colour and make it appear bland. You should always avoid aqua and cerulean shades.

The easiest way to enhance blue and grey eyes is with light, shimmering silvers and misty greys. For even more impact, try contrasting your natural colour with a rusty brown-toned orange. 

Sweep the colour right down to the tear duct and dust a thin line of colour under the eye for maximum effect. Choose a darker navy blue, rather than black, eyeliner to add definition and lashings of mascara to complete the look.

Green and hazel eyes

Sticking to earth tones is a foolproof way to enhance green and hazel eyes. Whether your skin complexion is naturally pale or olive, soft chestnut tones will perfectly complement your eye colour.

For a more dramatic look, add hints of gold, mocha or dark apricot. For the best results, particularly with green eyes, add a touch of purple to neutral shades: your eyes will instantly look more exotic.

Investing in quality eye shadows in the shades that best match your eye colour ensures that you always have the power to enhance your eyes at the tip of your makeup brush. However, you should never feel restricted by your natural eye colour. 

Coloured contact lenses offer you the freedom of experimenting with new and exciting eye makeup shades, without wondering how well they will suit your natural tones. Simply decide which eye shadows you want to try out, and you can purchase natural-looking coloured lenses to match!