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Smokey eyes makeup with contoured eyebrows

3 Steps for Perfect Eyebrows

It's easy to neglect your eyebrows during your morning makeup routine, but it's time to give them the attention they deserve.

Adding some definition to your brows can really open up your eyes and make you look more youthful. We've put together three steps for perfect eyebrows, to help you put your tweezers and pencil to good use!


1. Draw Some Guidelines

Applying eyebrow makeup

First, find out where you want your brows to start, finish and arch. Your eyebrows should start parallel to the upper bridge of your nose. To find the finishing point, use your pencil to align your brow bone with the outside corner of your eye, and down to the corner of your nostril. Draw dots in these places.

One tip for finding the natural arch of your eyebrows is to place a finger on the outer half of your brow and gently raise the skin. The place where your brow naturally bends is where the arch should be. Draw another dot here.

Using the dots as guidelines, fill in your eyebrows. Beauty experts makeupoptimized suggest you "start with a pencil to fill in sparse areas, smooth over with a layer of powder and set with a wax". Make sure to apply all products lightly and add more if necessary. Be gentle and follow your natural shape.


2. Tweeze Unwanted Hairs

Woman tweezing her eyebrows

The stray hairs that fall above or beneath your guidelines should be removed with tweezers. Remember to take a step back from the mirror occasionally to check your progress, as you don't want to go overboard. 

Now use a spoolie brush to comb your hairs upward and trim the ones that are noticeably longer. Try to avoid trimming unless you absolutely have to, because otherwise your eyebrow hairs will begin to grow harsher and less feathery.

If you don't trust yourself to pluck and trim your brows at home, see a professional to have your eyebrows shaped. For thin and fine brows, tweezing provides the most control. On the other hand, if your brows are very thick and heavy, threading is the better option for you. It's normally not too costly and a beautician will know the best method to use to suit you.


3. Set The Look


Once you've filled in and tidied your eyebrows, it's a good idea to set them with a gel. This is the final touch and will ensure the look lasts longer by sealing the colour.

If you have light coloured hair, it's a good idea to make your eyebrows slightly darker, so opt for a tinted gel. If your hair is dark, make sure the darkness isn't too overpowering. You should go one shade lighter with your gel or choose a clear one.

A great pair of brows can either make or break your look; when done well, they frame your eyes and make them glow. So as long as you follow our simple steps, you can go out feeling confident that your brows look full and fabulous.