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5 Reasons to exercise with contact lenses

Exercising with Contact Lenses

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

We face enough barriers when it comes to fitness, but with modern contact lenses, your vision doesn’t need to be one of them.

Unlike glasses, contact lenses won't get in the way of your active lifestyle. Whether you’re on the tennis court or the gym floor, contacts are the most convenient and comfortable option for correcting your vision during exercise. 

5 Reasons to trade your glasses for contact lenses during exercise:

  • Wider field of view: Firstly, there’s no restrictive frame obstructing your view. Secondly, contact lenses perfectly fit to the curvature of the eyes, giving you a wider field of view than glasses – a crucial advantage for sportspeople.

  • Stable vision: Contact lenses won’t jostle around or slip down your face during a workout, giving you the freedom to focus on your game.

  • Break-resistant: Contacts provide a practical and safe alternative to wearing glasses while exercising, especially during team sports. If you’re accidently hit by a ball, they won’t break and cause potential injury to your eye, and you’ll also save yourself an expensive trip to the eye doctor.

  • Crisp clarity: Your lenses won’t be affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain and fog, nor will they steam up in sunnier climes.

  • They won’t get in the way: Less obtrusive and cumbersome than glasses, contact lenses won’t interfere with headphones, helmets or sunglasses.

How to exercise safely with lenses

While contacts are comfortable and convenient, they are not completely foolproof. Dryness, dust, sweat and sun cream can wreak havoc with your lenses. Yet any potential issues can be easily avoided with proper care and close attention to hygiene. Here’s a few pointers to keep your peepers in good shape.

Carry backup supplies

To protect your eyes and avoid infection during your workout, carry a small bag stocked with backup lenses, cleaning solution and eye drops.

It's a good idea to remove your contacts immediately after exercising, rinse your eyes with rewetting drops and pop in a fresh pair of lenses. This helps to eliminate the risk of exposing your eyes to harmful bacteria that may have attached to your contacts during your workout.

Daily disposables are considered a convenient choice for people who exercise regularly. Simply remove and discard, without the fuss of cleaning or carrying solution.

Hydrate well

Your eyes rely on a moisturising tear film to function properly. When the body is dehydrated, natural tears evaporate more quickly, leaving the eyes dry and sore – a condition called “dry eye.” Sweat entering the eyes only increases the rate of evaporation, causing further irritation.

The most effective way to relieve dry eye is to increase the volume of water in the eyes using artificial tear drops – conveniently available in travel-size containers for on-the-go use.

An absorbent headband will help minimise the amount of sweat that rolls into your eyes. Also, you can lower the salt content in your sweat by making sure you are adequately hydrated before you hit the gym.

Protect your eyes from the elements

Whether you are training for a triathlon or enjoying a brisk walk around the park, it's important to protect your eyes from the elements when exercising outdoors.

UV rays are harmful, not only to your skin, but they can also damage sensitive cells in your eyes, eventually affecting vision. Although some contact lenses have UV filters, they do not fully protect the eyes. For full protection, wear wrap around sunglasses and a sports hat.


Blink-N-Clean Keeping your eyes healthy and hydrated during exercise is made easy with Johnson & Johnson’s range of eye-care products.

Perfect for frequent outdoor activity or active lifestyles, Blink-N-Clean Lens drops provide relief to lens-wearers experiencing discomfort from dirt and debris. This unique formula is designed to flush away protein build up and leave your lenses feeling fresh and clean, all without the hassle of removing your contacts. Simply apply one or two drops, 4 times a day, for clearer, more comfortable contacts.

Blink Eye-Lid Wipes are specifically designed to Blink Eye Lid Wipescombat discomfort and irritation outside the eye, by gently removing debris build up on the eye-lid and surrounding area. They are conveniently packed in individual sterile sachets – ideal for keeping in your gym bag, hand luggage or at your desk at work. Made with chamomile, and entirely preservative free, these soothing eyelid wipes provide an effective cleaning solution for even the most sensitive skin.



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