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Katarina Johnson Thompson with friends

Overcome life’s hurdles by wearing contact lenses

Life is full of daily hurdles. Whether it be at school, the pressure of your exam results or your appearance, the last thing you want to worry about is your vision. Don’t compromise, make sure you wear contact lenses that can keep up with your busy day.

UK heptathlete, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, knows pressure better than most. Tipped for Gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games , Johnson-Thompson competed at  London 2012 when she was just a teenager. She notes, “my vision is so important, I definitely couldn’t be a heptathlete without my contact lenses”.

Johnson-Thompson is a brand ambassador for ACUVUE OASYS® 1 Day. She has astigmatism, and wears ACUVUE OASYS® 1 Day for Astigmatism to keep up with the demands of her busy lifestyle.

47% of the UK who need vision correction suffer from astigmatism. To find out for yourself what astigmatism is like, take a look at our Interactive Astigmatism Experience.


Why choose contact lenses?

“With glasses, you’re worried they’re going to get knocked off.”

Glasses might improve your vision, but there are times when they just aren’t practical. If you’re aiming to be a sports superstar like Johnson-Thompson during your P.E. lessons, glasses might fall off or get in the way. Do keep hold of your glasses though- you’ll need them to give your eyes a break, and in case you get an eye infection.

Am I too young for contact lenses?

“I first noticed I needed contact lenses when I was in goal for my hockey team-I was just letting in every single goal!”

Katarina Johnson-Thompson first started wearing contact lenses when she was a teenager. Lenstore requires you to be over 16 if you choose to order contact lenses from us. You should also make sure you’ve seen an optician, and been fitted with the best contact lenses for you.

Will I get used to contact lenses?

“Now I wear contact lenses, I feel like I’m a pro at putting them in and out -they’re super easy and quick and you just get better the more you put them in.”

If you’re new to contact lenses, putting them in and taking them out can be daunting. This is just something you eventually get used to; becoming as natural as brushing your teeth. For a simple guide on how to insert and remove your contact lenses, visit our article here.

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