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Lenstore launches omni-channel offer in partnership with Vision Express

In late 2013, Lenstore was acquired by GrandVision, owner of high-street brand Vision Express, and the largest optical retail group in the world. We’re now excited to announce that we have partnered with Vision Express to provide our customers with complimentary eye tests and contact lens aftercare at no extra cost. 

We have always believed that eye health is of the utmost importance, and are delighted that contact lens wearers buying at Lenstore can now get their eyes tested and access the optical expertise of Vision Express.

This comes hot on the heels of our 6th anniversary in June, and our first £1m turnover month in May 2014. Having started out in an 80 sq ft office, our focus on exceptional service, optical advice, and providing great value has underpinned our success so far. 

This combination of online and offline service is unique in the UK optical industry, and opens up an exciting new chapter. It means that our customers will get great eye care from Vision Express, while still enjoying the convenience of buying their contact lenses online.

Co-founder Mitesh Patel commented on Lenstore’s latest service; “we have always strived to employ a “serve not sell” approach to customer service, which was the motivation behind teaming up with Vision Express to offer Lenstore customers complimentary eye tests and aftercare. 

This offer allows customers to enjoy the ease, speed and great value of online shopping, but also gives them access to the expert in-store service of Vision Express. We share a common belief with Vision Express that vision needs to be taken seriously, and are working together to provide customers with exceptional service and quality.”

Over the past 20 years, the internet has revolutionised the way consumers shop, and companies are having to adapt quickly to provide a multi-channel offer which meets the needs of the modern consumer. 

The optical industry is no different. While many now prefer to buy their contact lenses online, regular eye tests are as important as ever – a service only an Optician can provide. Anita Balchandani, Head of Retail and Partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants and authority on multi-channel strategies, said: “A well implemented ‘bricks and clicks’ model will be the winning model in an industry like eye care – this will combine the convenience of online shopping with the requirement for face-to-face-consultation and service. 

The partnership between Lenstore and Vision Express puts both companies in a great position to make this seamless integration a reality, and will allow both businesses to future-proof their retail offer and continue to provide expert eye health care.”

Jonathan Lawson, CEO of Vision Express, commenting on the partnership with Lenstore said; “one of the reasons we were so keen to work so closely with Lenstore, is because it has grasped the opportunity and understood there is a proportion of customers who have decided the best thing for them is to purchase contact lenses online.”

Working with Vision Express, Lenstore has launched an online appointment request service, so that customers can quickly and conveniently arrange their eye tests at their local Vision Express store. 

Requesting an appointment is designed to be as easy as possible; you just log into your Lenstore account, choose the best time for your appointment at your local Vision Express store, and a Vision Express representative will do the rest. No catch – just simple and effective eye care from two companies that are passionate about eye health and exceptional service.

If you want to learn more about the offer, or if you’re a Lenstore customer and you would like to book your eye test, visit our dedicated page at or  contact our customer service team on 0800 010 6865.