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Lenstore and DePaul Box Company logos

Lenstore Partners with The Depaul Box Company

We are proud to announce that Lenstore has partnered with The Depaul Box Company charity, and we now source all our boxes from them. This means that every order at Lenstore helps young homeless people in the UK, so that they don’t have to sleep on the street on a cardboard box.

The Depaul Box Company is part of Depaul, a charity that helps young homeless people. For over 25 years, Depaul has been running various projects and workshops to empower young homeless people. Their Protect, Prevent and Progress scheme goes beyond just finding young people a place to call home. It also provides them with the opportunities to progress and fulfil their potentials.

The Depaul Box Company provides cardboard boxes to businesses and consumers. All of the profit they make goes to fund their projects and keep young homeless people off the streets for good.
Some of Depaul’s projects include:

  1. Homelessness prevention. Depaul works closely with schools in order to raise awareness of youth homelessness. Students learn how to avoid becoming homeless and also what to do if they ever find themselves in difficult situations.
  2. Nightstop. This scheme provides emergency accommodation to vulnerable young people. Over 45 schemes are run nationwide.
  3. Sports project. A training programme that aims to teach young homeless people about healthy eating and physical activity. This enables them to gain a coaching qualification, leading to future employment.

In October, Depaul are holding a ‘CEO Sleepout’ where participants will spend a cold night at the Kia Oval Cricket Ground. Over 200 people are set to participate this year from various companies and industries.

Our co-founder Mitesh Patel, who is also a trustee at Depaul, will take part with other members of the Lenstore team. By doing so, we plan to raise awareness for this worthy cause. The target for this year’s CEO Sleepout is to raise a total of £200,000 (each participant targeting to raise £1,000 with a minimum commitment of £500). All the funds raised will go towards providing support for the homeless in London.