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Mascara infographic

Is out of date mascara harmful?

Are you a makeup enthusiast with all the latest beauty products? Or do you have to dig your make up bag out for a rare night on the town? Either way, your eyes are delicate, and ensuring they stay healthy is more important than making them look beautiful. So that you can do both, take a look at our helpful guide.

Mascara infographic

How to avoid a make-up induced eye infection

Take note of expiry dates

Marie Claire conducted a survey to find out just how long people keep their make-up for before binning it. Eyeshadow was revealed as the item that spends the longest time in a make-up bag, with survey respondents admitting they keep hold of theirs for up to seven years! Lipstick and liquid foundation followed closely behind, at four years and three years respectively. However, one of the most dangerous products is mascara. Marie Claire’s survey revealed that 17% of women admit to using eight-year-old mascara. Emma Leslie, beauty editor at, said: “We’re all guilty of clinging on to lip and eye colours in the hope they come back into fashion, but make-up can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Mascara is one of the worst culprits for spreading eye infections.

“Beauty products that surround the eye hold the greatest risk of infection and can cause bacterial conjunctivitis and blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelid.”

For advice on how long each of your make-up, check out Marie Claire’s guide.

Sharing is not caring

Sharing your make-up with friends is a terrible habit. Although you’ll feel as though you’re doing something nice, you’re actually putting them and you at risk of an eye infection. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at mascara and eyeliner testers too. Just think about how many people have used them!

Contacts before make-up

If you wear contact lenses, you should always insert them before putting on your makeup and remove them before taking off your makeup. Perfecting this procedure will not only help avoid infection and irritation, but also help ensure your lenses last as long as they should.

Remove your make-up before you go to bed

It might be the last thing on your mind after a long day but taking off your makeup before you go to bed is a must! A mascara-laden eyelash that finds its way into your eye while you sleep will cause irritation and possible infection. Not only that, but mascara can weaken your lashes, causing them to break and fall out more easily.