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Why you should start wearing contact lenses

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

When contactless card payments first came about, people were sceptical. Yet, years later, 63% of the UK now chooses to use this form of payment over cash. Just like contactless, many people are dubious about wearing contact lenses, with the most common reason being the fear of touching one’s eye. 

We’d like to reassure you that it’s not all that bad, and there are plenty of benefits to wearing contact lenses. Here’s why you should take the plunge and go frameless:

Selfie enemy

Man taking a selfie

Photo by Dmitriy Tyukov on Unsplash

Selfie culture is on the rise but if you’re a glasses wearer, then we’re pretty sure you’ll be familiar with the mother of all selfie fails – glare. Front facing flash on most smartphones catches the lens and now all those glamorous pictures you’ve just taken of yourself are ruined by a bright white light. Sure, you can take your glasses off, but then you might struggle to see if you’ve got the right angle – #NotOK. Give contact lenses a try and put glare in the past.

Suitable for most

There are many different types of contact lenses now available on the market, each with different qualities. By talking with your optician about your lifestyle, whether you work long hours, spend a long time looking at screens, have an astigmatism or suffer from dry eyes, they’ll be able to determine the best lenses for you.

Save on sunglasses

Woman wearing sunglasses

Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash

Summer or winter, everyone looks cool wearing sunglasses. They also protect you from UV damage. The only way non-contact lens wearers can enjoy sunglasses is by paying extra for a pair of prescription sunglasses, which can be expensive. Contact lenses are a great way to avoid this cost, and allows you to wear any fashion sunglasses whilst still having clear vision.

Avoid the fashion police

While glasses may seem fashionable when you buy them, a pair is supposed to last you up to two years. With large celebrity and social media influence, trends change quickly, and the glasses you spent so much money on could soon be yesterday’s news. Contact lenses are a great alternative.

Fewer visual distractions

Book through reading glasses

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

If you have a high prescription, then it’s likely the lenses in your glasses are very thick. Not only can this be heavy, but it can also cause distortions in your peripheral vision, which can cause dizziness. Sure, there’s options to have the lens thickness reduced, but this can be very expensive. Visit your optician and ask to trial some lenses. They might work better for you.

Freedom for the sporty kind

Contact lenses allow you to participate in your favourite sport, unrestricted by frames. Glasses might fall off or not lie flat on your nose while you’re running, jumping, or kicking – which can be distracting. If you participate in contact sport, like rugby, then your glasses are at risk of getting broken. Contacts are a convenient way of continuing to improve your performance without the worry of damaging your glasses and not being able to see if they get broke. Nobody wants to be like Velma on the pitch - jinkies!

Have we convinced you?

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Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

If you’re going to make the move over to contact lenses, it’s easier than you might think. All you have to do is book an eye test with an optician, and express your interest in contact lenses. They’ll arrange for a contact lens assessment, which will help them determine what products are best suited to you.

As much as we enjoy tapping our cards to pay for things, it doesn’t hurt to carry a little cash too. So, if you decide to start wearing contact lenses, do remember to keep your glasses with you. You’ll need them to give your eyes a break from time to time, or in case you develop an eye infection that prevents you from wearing contact lenses.

It’s likely you’ve heard some stories about contact lenses that’s put you off wearing them. We’ve debunked some myths that you may have heard, so take a look – if you’ll pardon the pun.