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Thinking of starting to wear contact lenses? Here’s why you should

Heavy frames weighing you down? While glasses have their benefits, you might be deciding to make the move to contact lenses. This can be daunting at first, but there are plenty of benefits to wearing contact lenses.

Man working long hoursAdaptable to your lifestyle

There are many different types of contact lenses for you to choose from. By telling your optician a little about your lifestyle, they can choose the best lenses for you. Whether you work long hours, spend a long time looking at screens, or suffer from dry eyes, there’ll be a lens specially designed for your needs.


Young woman smilingNo fashion faux-pas

While glasses may seem fashionable when you buy them, a pair is supposed to last you up to two years. Fashion changes quickly, and the glasses that you spent a lot of money on could fall out of fashion. Contact lenses can be a great alternative for those days where you just don’t want to wear your glasses.


Person skiingFreedom for active lifestyles

Contact lenses allow you to participate in your favourite sport, unrestricted by frames. Glasses might fall off or not lie flat on your nose while you’re running, jumping, or kicking. They are also in danger of getting broken. Contact lenses are a convenient way of continuing to improve your performance in your chosen sport.


Young people wearing sunglassesSave money on sunglasses

Summer or winter, everyone looks cool wearing sunglasses AND protect you from uv damage emitted by the sun the whole year round. You might not want to pay extra for prescription sunglasses, and getting contact lenses is a great way to avoid these costs. While wearing contact lenses, you can wear any fashion sunglasses and still have clear vision.


Young man wearing glassesFewer visual distractions

If you have a high prescription, the lenses on your glasses might be very thick. Not only can this be heavy, but it can also cause distortions in your peripheral vision, which can cause dizziness if, for example you walk down some stairs. Visit your optician and ask to trial some lenses, to see if they work better for you.


Woman having an eye testHow to get started wearing contact lenses

If you’re making the move over to contact lenses, it’s easier than you might think. All you have to do is book an eye test with an optician, and ask if you can trial some contact lenses. Your optician may suggest sticking to glasses if they don’t think contact lenses will be suitable for you.

If you decide to start wearing contact lenses, do remember to keep your glasses with you. You’ll need them to give your eyes a break, or in case you develop an eye infection that prevents you from wearing contact lenses.

If you need help with putting in and taking out your lenses, take a look at our handy guide.

You might have heard some stories about contact lenses that put you off wearing them. We’ve debunked myths you may have heard about contact lenses in our Myth Buster.