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A Novel Approach

Test your reading speed

Books are perhaps one of the greatest gifts in life. They allow us to escape into alternate realities, solve crimes, fall in love or simply enrich our minds. As we move further into the digital era, the enjoyment of reading a book is slowly becoming lost, and many people feel that they just don’t have the time for it. Well, what if we told you that getting through a book might not actually take you that long to conquer?

We devised a test that determines how long it would take for you to read a selection of the nation’s best-loved books, and how your reading speed compares to the Great British Public.

Why should we find the time to read?

Reading simply fuels our imagination. Diving into a book allows us to see the world through the perspective of different characters. We try to imagine ourselves in these unique situations so that we can experience these new settings and scenes. The more we read, the more imaginative our minds can become.

Choosing a book from a shelf

In addition to the wondrous worlds we can explore, reading has a positive effect on our body and soul. In the midst of our busy day, juggling work and social lives, a book turns all of our attention onto one thing – reading. Our thoughts, feeling and eyes become focused on the story in our hands and the stresses of reality are whisked away.

Just by taking a few minutes out of your day to read a book, you can really make a change to your concentration levels, vocabulary, and communication skills. Put your reading speed to the test, and dive into a whole new world today.