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Optical illusion

Our favourite optical illusions

Photo by dric on Pixabay

Optical illusions, or visual illusions, come in various forms, altering the ways in which we perceive what we’re seeing. Classic examples include the apparent bending of a stick or pen half immersed in water. Artists such as M.C. Escher, whose works consist of mind-bending mathematical-inspired woodcuts and lithographs, and Salvador Dali, renowned surrealist, have captivated people for years. Today, we can experience thousands of optical illusions online.

Got any optical illusions of your own? See if you can trick us by sharing your favourite illusions on our Facebook page to see if it can make it into our top three! In the meantime, here are three from us to get you started.

Top 3 optical illusions

Stare at the center of the castle while the image is in negative form, then, when the image flips to black and white, you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Not impressed? Try this. Watch as a 3D spoon is drawn right in front of your eyes!

This one isn’t just your standard cup and ball illusion. Focus…

It’s truly fascinating to see the way our eyes and minds can play tricks on us. All is not as it seems! If you’ve seen any cool optical illusions that you’d like to share with us, please do so on Facebook.