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What contact lens is best for different coloured eyes?

Hello! I have some problems (glaucoma and retinal detachment) on my left eye that made it change colour into a light blue! 

So I have an eye with dark brown and the other with light blue! I tried some contact lenses on my left eye to even out the colour, but after a while (max 15 min) my eye starts hurting (I don't think it's because of dryness). 

Can you please help me by telling which kind of lenses I should try? Which lens is most flexible? And is there a solution?

Optician’s answer

It is difficult to recommend a contact lens for you without being able to assess the health of your eye.  You will need to have a contact lens fitting with your optician to try a variety of different lenses until you find the best one for you. You should also stop wearing any contact lenses that cause discomfort and visit your optician for a check up.

Your optician will make sure the curve of the contact lens is suitable for the shape of your eye and will also help to find a colour match. The resulting eye colour you see will be dependent on your own eye colour behind the lens and may not be as easy to select as you think. 

Lens flexibility will vary between manufacturers. Typically a silicone hydrogel lens will not be as flexible/soft as a hydrogel lens, although the benefits of extra oxygen transmission with a silicone hydrogel may outweigh this factor. 

The difference in flexibility between contact lenses can be quite small and can go un-noticed. It’s important to look at the overall benefits of the contact lens rather than one feature alone.