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What contact lens is best for only one eye?

Hi, as a person with only one eye, would Acuvue multi focal be an advisable lens for me? Or in my case or would I be better sticking with a mono focal lens and reading glasses? Please advise.

Optician’s answer

There is no harm in having a contact lens fitting with your optician to see if a multifocal lens will work for you. It may not give you perfectly focused reading vision (depending on your prescription) but it could give you a little more magnification to read with compared to a contact lens that corrects only your distance vision. 

You will need to have a contact lens fitting with your optician before ordering any lenses. Multifocal lenses are highly advanced and an incorrect prescription can cause blurred vision and discomfort.

If a multifocal contact lens doesn’t work, contact lenses with reading glasses on top or varifocal glasses may be an option for you.