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Which contact lenses are best for extended computer use?

I like to wear contact lenses but I can't wear them for long without them really irritating my eyes, especially when I am working on a computer. 

Are there any makes that you recommend that are more comfortable and can be worn all day if necessary?

Optician's answer

Contact lens comfort is quite individual; a particular lens may work really well for you but not for somebody else. It all depends on the size, shape, and health of your eye, how long you need to wear the lenses, and your working environment. 

There are a number of lenses that you can try, although you would need to find out the cause of your irritation first of all. It may be that the irritation is caused by having an air conditioning unit nearby, or alternatively it could be the start of an infection. I would advise visiting your optician to get to the root of your concern first of all. 

A lot of computer users do notice dry eye/irritation. A common reason for this is that people tend to blink a lot less while looking at the computer screen, giving the natural tear layer a greater chance to evaporate.

If it’s dry eye that you are noticing, contact lenses made out of a material called silicone hydrogel are less likely to cause dry eye symptoms. Providing your eyes are suitable for all day wear, this lens type can be worn for longer periods of time. You would however need to talk to your optician about these lenses and find out if you are suitable for an extended wear (all day) wearing schedule before changing your lens type.