360-view: See the world through these eye conditions.

360-view: See the world through these eye conditions

Whilst we all live in the same world, we don't all see it in the same way. From colour deficiency to glaucoma, night blindness to tunnel vision, and macular degeneration to cataracts, there is a wide range of eye conditions.

To raise awareness of common eye conditions, we have combined 360 views of the planet's most iconic sights with overlays of each condition so you can experience how others see.

* Please note all images were taken before COVID-19


If you feel that you may have some of the issues shown above then we highly recommend that you arrange an eye test. The good news is that Lenstore can offer a free eye test with Vision Express so apply through the Lenstore free eye test page on our website and we can arrange the test for you at no cost.

For existing Lenstore customers please click here for your free eye test and if you are a non-customer this is the place to get your free eye test.