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Introducing the world's first smart contact lens

Releasing 2021

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Rewatch your memories.

Some moments aren't meant to be forgotten, but we can't always stop to take a picture. iLens can record your memories in a blink, so you can watch them again and again.

Measure your social distance.

Stay safe against infection. Keep a 2m distance from other people in only a glance with Instant Measuring.


Get a different view of the world

See the world.

Enhance your eyesight with up to 60x digital zoom. Bring the world into your reach.


Protect your health.

Keep your eyes safe. iLens tells you when you've spent too long in front of a screen and when to take breaks to avoid eye strain.

iLens breakdowniLens measurements
  • colour

    Quickly change your eye colour

  • ar

    Add AR filters and features

  • fitness

    Fitness alerts

  • size

    Suited to your size

  • dark

    See in the dark

  • air

    Air quality alerts

The future of contact lenses is here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    iLens provides inbuilt functionality for measurements, digital zoom, and vision enhancement. By connecting to your companion iOS/Android device via BlueTooth, you are able to record and store data, expand Augmented functions, and add additional services.

  • Does it need charging?

    iLens comes with a specialised case for storage when not in use. The conductive iLens cleaning fluid allows the iLens to charge using a standard Qi Charging station while cleaning. The battery life is 48 hours per charge (based on moderate usage).

  • Is it permanent?

    iLens is made with breathable and comfortable silicone hydrogel, designed to last. Each lens is suitable for wear for up to 12 months. Each iLens purchased may be returned and replaced up to three times for no additional fee, subject to terms and conditions.

  • Can I wear iLens overnight?

    It is not recommended to wear iLens while sleeping as this may increase the degradation of the material and irritate your eyes.

Unfortunately lenses like this are not available in 2021 but as soon as they are be sure that Lenstore will stock the best. In the meantime we have the top contact lenses and coloured contact lenses available so please browse the products on our website and choose the ones that are best for you.

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