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Do coloured contact lenses hurt?

Do coloured contact lenses hurt? A friend has started wearing them, and they look amazing! I have brown eyes and would love to try out some blue lenses.

I've never worn glasses or contact lenses before, so I'm a bit worried that they might hurt because I'm not used to them.

Optician’s answer

Correctly fitting coloured contact lenses should not cause any pain or discomfort if used as per your optician’s guidelines.

The colour pigment is normally deep within the contact lens material to make sure that there is no contact with the colour and the eye.

All contact lenses are classed as medical devices (even if they do not have a prescription to correct sight) and need to be fitted by a registered optician to make sure that the lens is suitable for the size, shape and health of your eyes.

Incorrectly fitting contact lenses can cause blurred vision and pain/discomfort so be sure to have a trial fitting with your optician before purchasing any lenses.

Most people take a little while getting used to wearing contact lenses for the first time and it can seem daunting to start off with, but once your optician has shown you how to insert and remove the lenses it will become second nature in no time.

Wearing contact lenses safely should not hurt in the slightest and if you do notice any pain I would visit your opticians as soon as possible and allow them to investigate your concern.