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  • HYDRACLEAR Plus Exclusive technology that helps to reduce dryness and maintain moisture.

  • Extended Wear Can we worn for up to six days, depending on optician’s advice.

  • Easy To Put In A subtle “123” mark lets you know when the lenses are inside out.

  • UV Protection Protect your eyes from potentially harmful rays.

ACUVUE OASYS with HYDRACLEAR Plus contact lenses are ideal for all lifestyles, as you can wear them for 24 hours a day, up to 6 nights in a row.

Enjoy optimum comfort and hydration all day long, with the innovative HYDRACLEAR Plus technology's unique wetting agent. A survey conducted by ACUVUE showed that 70% of wearers no longer needed to use eye drops whilst wearing them, while 84% claimed that wearing these contact lenses felt like wearing no lenses at all.

These contacts are made from silicone hydrogel; a material which allows three times more oxygen to the eyes than traditional soft lenses. This ensures your eyes stay hydrated for long periods of time. These contacts are particularly suited to those who love spending time outdoors, as they protect your eyes against 95% of UV-A and 99% of UV-B rays.

Categories Contact Lenses, Two Weekly Disposables, Extended Wear Lenses
Material Senofilcon A I 5 (Silicone Hydrogel) 38% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection Class 1 UV-blocking provides >99% UVB and >90% UVA
Base Curves (mm) 8.4, 8.8
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Two-weekly disposable if worn daily or extended wear for 6 nights. Follow your Optician's guidelines when wearing lenses for extended periods of time.

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Overall: 4.8 250 reviews

  • By Hope on 01 May 2019 It’s a very comfortable lens.
  • By Colton on 10 April 2019 Great product
  • By Monika on 26 March 2019 I’ve been using those contact lenses for years. They are the best for me and never had an eye infection. Once I had to use different ones due to mine being out of stock, thrown them into bin within an hour and had to wear glasses for the next few days as my eyes were red and tearful.
  • By Michelle on 26 March 2019 . I don’t wear it constantly for 2 weeks but the lens is so soft and comfortable
  • By Susan on 23 March 2019 Excellent service lenses are easy to use and comfortable at all times.
  • By Brandy on 20 March 2019 Affordable comfortable and fast delivery.
  • By rebecca on 19 March 2019 Get some really good offers on these
  • By Callen on 15 March 2019 Pretty good
  • By Andrew thomason on 12 March 2019 Fast shipping. Great product no hassle of doctor exam before order.
  • By Liana on 12 March 2019 Excellent app
  • By Kevin on 12 March 2019 Exactly what i ordered
  • By Jenna on 08 March 2019 Qucik delivery and cost a lot less than opticians prices
  • By Mrs Tennant on 08 March 2019 Great. Used for many years without any problems
  • By Sarah on 05 March 2019 Good product. Not the cheapest
  • By Julie Upcott on 03 March 2019 Very good, comfortable for long periods of use. Easy to care for.
  • By Mr Mudd on 16 February 2019 Delivered within timescale.
  • By Melissa on 14 February 2019 Comfortable and breathable, doesn’t dry out my eyes.
  • By Valentina on 12 February 2019 Good product!
  • By John Hollingsworth on 10 February 2019 Very comfortable
  • By Martin on 09 February 2019 Xcellent used for years
  • By Lee on 08 February 2019 I have been using these contacts for years and can't fault them. They are great quality, very durable and very easy to use compared to others of the same price.
  • By Melanie on 01 February 2019 Exact lens I usually buy from my optician, but half the price.
  • By Ana Isabel Teixeira on 01 February 2019 perfect for dry eyes that need moisture, have been using this brand for 5 years now
  • By Jane on 25 January 2019 Very pleased with them. Very comfortable to wear
  • By Mary on 19 January 2019 A very good product
  • By Katerina on 18 January 2019 Have been using them for a year. No problem at all
  • By Patrycja on 16 January 2019 Very good quality and value for money
  • By Zsuzsanna on 15 January 2019 The quality of the product I'm 100% satisfied.
  • By Jon Green on 15 January 2019 I've been wearing soft contact lenses full time (6AM - 11PM) for over 15 years. Previous monthlies would dry out by 8PM, and optician advised against such long wear. With a moderate prescription (-6) glasses don't provide great vision, so long wear was unavoidable. Switched to these around 5 years ago and would never go back. Literally can't feel them in my eyes any more, and I no longer feel laser surgery is as needed as these are so trouble free.
  • By Nikki on 15 January 2019 Comfortable lenses that keep your eyes from drying out.
  • By Nervine on 15 January 2019 The lenses are comfortable and optics is great.
  • By Iulia on 01 January 2019 Quality lenses, comfortable on the eyes
  • By Paul on 01 January 2019 Very comfy and long lasting
  • By Gareth on 23 December 2018 Excellent product and very reasonably priced. 😄
  • By Ana on 23 December 2018 Been using it for over 25 years, 10 out of 10
  • By Murat on 21 December 2018 I love it its comfartable and long lasting.
  • By Rachel on 18 December 2018 Great contact lenses. I have used them for years.
  • By John C on 15 December 2018 Very comfortable good lenses
  • By Andrew on 15 December 2018 Comfortable and quality.
  • By Haley on 15 November 2018 As always, great breathable contact. Feels good & lasts. Thanks!!!
  • By JOHN PYE on 16 October 2018 Excellent lenses at a great price
  • By Ayan on 06 October 2018 Arrived quickly. Deducted a star because the lenses don’t feel comfortable wearing for aslong as it says you can keep it
  • By David on 04 October 2018 Great product meeting all my expectations.
  • By JF on 27 September 2018 Brilliant ptoduct. Very comfortable to wear. Have been using these for years with no problem at all.
  • By Ian on 16 September 2018 Good comfortable contact lenses,well tolerated in all day use in the eyes.
  • By Laura on 12 September 2018 I'm using contact lenses for 12 year and I tried those contact lenses for the first time and in my opinion they are absolutely the best one. I can use them all day and I don't feel any discomfort.
  • By Rámin on 11 September 2018 High quality lenses, very comfortable and durable.
  • By Rebekah on 04 September 2018 Shipping was very quick, excellent product. They even called me to follow-up and make sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend.
  • By Mr Phil Heaton on 04 September 2018 Fantastic lenses, never feel dry or painful.
  • By Marta D on 01 September 2018 Very fast delivery, pleasant transaction. Highly recommend

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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