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Eye health

Bags Under Your Eyes

From lack of sleep, a salty meal, ageing and even stress, having bags under our eyes is something we all experience. Whilst many of us are looking at ways to reduce them, it’s important to understand the science behind them, why they occur and how we can lessen them.

Roshni Patel, BSC (Hons) MCOptom reveals the truth behind bags under our eyes, the causes of them and some advice on how to help reduce them.

Causes for eye pain

What are the common causes for eye pain, which can be resolved through home remedies, and when is it a medical emergency?

Eye drops and contact lenses

Some eye drops can be used with contact lenses, while others cannot. We explain what the difference is and which eye drops should not be used while wearing lenses.

What are bloodshot eyes?

Most of us have experienced red eyes or a red spot in the white of our eyes. We explain the causes, treatment options, and risks of bloodshot eyes.