Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal - Includes Vision Care

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30 lenses per box

Max Add:
Low: +1.25
Med: +2.0
High: +2.50

Left Eye

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CIBA Vision / Alcon


Simply put in a fresh new pair of lenses every day with no need for solutions and storage accessories.

Great alternative to varifocals

These lenses are specially constructed for those who require different prescriptions for long and near distance.

Seamless vision

Alcon's unique Precision Profile Design allows presbyopic wearers to enjoy clear, uninterrupted vision at all distances.

Refreshing comfort

Featuring three moisturising agents and blink-activated moisture technology, these lenses keep your eyes feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Disposables, Multifocal Lenses
Brand CIBA Vision / Alcon
Material Nelfilcon A II 2 (with HPMC, PEG and dual molecular weight PVA) 69% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.7
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day.

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Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal Reviews

Overall: 4.7 66 reviews

  • By Chris Smith on 22 October 2019 Very comfortable. Easy to put in and take out.
  • By Raymond Brown on 12 October 2019 Used to be a rgp wearer but these have enabled me to see again at all distances.. Not a complaint but i find them very fiddly to get out of the pack and sometimes difficult to ascertain whether or not lens is inside out. once inserted you wouldnt know you had them in and they seem to be more tolerant of irritants than rgps. Not going back now.. costly but good!!
  • By Helen on 11 October 2019 I’ve been using these lenses for years and I am delighted that Lenstore stock them as they are no longer available from Vision Express.
  • By Richard Allsop on 11 October 2019 Good comfortable lenses
  • By Ruth on 19 September 2019 Very good .
  • By MARIE on 17 September 2019 Great contacts
  • By Becki on 14 September 2019 Do as required
  • By JeanR on 14 September 2019 Brilliant, so comfortable and that's after years of not using contact lenses. Very pleased.
  • By susan duff on 09 September 2019 fast delivery great price excellent service
  • By Magdy on 03 September 2019 Relieves you from using reading glasses Seeing far objects is perfect as well as near objects for those over 40
  • By Katherine Sugg on 03 September 2019 Very good value for money indeed.
  • By Ruth on 30 August 2019 The lenses are very comfortable
  • By Jax on 29 August 2019 Pretty good contact lenses. The only minor point is they seem to dry out quite quickly in the warmer weather
  • By Cath Read on 24 August 2019 Perfect for my requirements, most importantly comfortable to wear for several hours
  • By Robin on 20 August 2019 Used these for some time now, find them manageable and very comfortable
  • By MARIE on 20 August 2019 Good quality but they do tend to get try on occasions.
  • By Mr Gary Southam on 13 August 2019 quality comfort long lasting fair priced
  • By MARIE on 09 July 2019 Good quality but like Most lenses, they do sometimes get dry in the warm whether.
  • By Mark B on 14 June 2019 The are more expensive than many others but they sit nicely on the eye and seem better quality than the alternative brands I have tried.
  • By Andrea on 11 June 2019 Great comfortable lenses. Very impressed
  • By Ruth on 04 June 2019 Excellent product
  • By MARIE on 30 May 2019 Very impressed
  • By Trevor on 14 May 2019 Great product although I have had a couple of the contact tear when removing from packaging.
  • By Sally on 14 May 2019 Do what they are supposed to do but these and dailies generally work out expensive over the month.
  • By Sharon on 30 April 2019 Very comfortable to wear
  • By Tanya on 19 March 2019 Brilliant
  • By Debby on 05 March 2019 Very comfortable lenses
  • By Richard Scott on 17 February 2019 Good but not perfect.
  • By Margaret on 16 February 2019 Find them good
  • By Margaret on 08 February 2019 First day ...but seem fine. No issues
  • By Patrick on 07 February 2019 Very good quality lens, and value for momney
  • By .C.Dunbavin on 05 February 2019 Great product. I’ve used these for years without any problems.
  • By Angela Jackson on 01 February 2019 Have used for years with only minor quality issues
  • By Andie 957 on 15 January 2019 Recommended by my optician.... but they never seem to provide enough. I therefore always purchase more.
  • By SARAH on 25 December 2018 Good lenses. Will order again.
  • By Fiona on 14 December 2018 Great product but very expensive
  • By John on 08 October 2018 Amazing perfect for me & delivery quick will definitely buy again
  • By keiko on 04 October 2018 Easy to put on. Not too thin to roll on your finger before put on.
  • By Amanda on 01 September 2018 Very comfortable to wear all day
  • By Sam Perez on 25 August 2018 Great product !! As other reviews mentioned, they are a bit difficult to put them on as they are very soft. But very confortable and great quality. Very happy and I highly recommend them.
  • By Allan on 08 May 2018 Excellent service & delivery
  • By Marilyn Meaden on 31 March 2018 i have used this product for over 4 years and find it excerlent
  • By Lisa Lloyd-Jones on 16 February 2018 You really don’t know you are wearing these lenses, so comfortable. I wear them 7am - 11pm every day with no problem. They stay in and they never split. Good quality and worth every penny.
  • By Keith Wharton on 15 December 2017 These are the most comfortable lens I have tried. They insert very easily and I have worn them up to sixteen hours before they started to feel uncomfortable. They give good vision, within the limitations of a multi focal contacts. I will be staying with these from now on.
  • By Chris on 02 December 2017 Best and most comfortable multifocal lenses I've tried.
  • By Alan on 14 October 2017 does what it says on the tin. very pleased with the product
  • By lisa on 01 August 2017 Brilliant - I can see into the distance and read close up. They really do both jobs! Really comfortable to wear - even for all day and every day use.
  • By Katherine on 22 June 2017 great no problems awesome product
  • By Badrudduja Khan on 19 May 2017 Good service, received my product next day prompt service. I had to return one set as I ordered wrong ones which was processed within reasonable time frame and money refunded. Surely I will recommend you to my friends.
  • By carol on 25 May 2016 Very quick delivery and reasonable prices

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