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MyDay are popular contact lenses produced by CooperVision a leading contact lens manufacturer. CooperVision work hard to ensure that these lenses provide a superior wearing experience; according to their research, 83% of contact lens wearers prefer MyDay contact lenses to the more popular alternatives currently on the market. MyDay contact lenses are daily contact lenses which means that you must dispose of the lens at the end of the day after use. With innovative technology, MyDay offers hydration and comfort for those with sensitive eyes.

Why choose MyDay Contact Lenses?

MyDay daily contact lenses are made using silicone hydrogel called Stenfilcon a. This material has high breathability, allowing more oxygen to your eyes, promoting a healthier and more comfortable wearing experience. MyDay lenses go one step further by using Smart Silicone which combines the best features of hydrogel lenses and the best features of silicone hydrogel to create a wearing experience like no other. The Smart Silicone technology helps your eyes retain their natural moisture and provides comfort and crisp vision.

MyDay also uses an advanced Aberration Neutralising System (also found in Biofinity). This technology creates a smooth lens surface and rounded edge which provides a more natural feeling while wearing.

Astigmatism and Presbyopia

Unfortunately, there is not a multifocal variation for MyDay lenses. However, MyDay Toric is available for those with Astigmatism. MyDay Toric are designed with Optimised Toric Lens Geometry. This is a leading-edge technology that offers clear vision for a range of corrective powers. MyDay Toric also use Aquaform Technology that provides moisture and delivers incredible long-lasting comfort.