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CooperVision Contact Lenses
  • Fuss-free wear No need to clean or store — just throw the lenses away after a full day’s wear.

  • Superior comfort Aquaform® technology locks in moisture to keep your lenses hydrated and comfortable all day long.

  • Healthy eyes Silicone hydrogel material allows optimal oxygen to reach the eyes – keeping them white and healthy.

  • Exceptionally stable vision The unique lens design minimises rotation for clear and stable vision.

MyDay® toric lenses are designed to correct astigmatism while offering the comfort and convenience of a daily disposable lens. The optimised toric design keeps the lens secure and stable throughout the day, no matter how active you are. Wearers say ‘they stay moist all day’ and that ‘you don't feel them on your eyes’.

Recommended For

MyDay® toric lenses are ideal for:

  • Those who have astigmatism
  • Anyone who has an active lifestyle or spends long days in front of a screen
  • Those who don’t want the fuss of a lens care routine

Please always check with your Optometrist first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.

Product Information

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Contact Lenses, Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism
Brand CooperVision
Material Stenfilcon A II 4 (Silicone Hydrogel) 54% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection Yes
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.5
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day


MyDay® toric lenses are made by CooperVision®, a world leader in soft contact lenses.


These toric lenses are part of the MyDay® family, a popular brand that focuses on providing superior wearing experience.

Type of Lens:

MyDay® toric are daily disposable lenses designed to correct astigmatism. You can simply dispose of your lenses at the end of each day and insert a fresh pair the following morning.


MyDay® Toric are made from Stenfilcon A, a highly breathable silicone hydrogel that boasts an impressive water content of 54%. This keeps the eyes hydrated and healthy, while also offering long-lasting comfort.


MyDay® toric feature the following technologies:

Optimised Toric Lens Geometry™ - A unique, multifaceted lens design that improves stability, fit and comfort. It has a wide ballast band to reduce lens rotation and large toric optic zones to improve clarity of vision.

Smart Silicone™ chemistry - Improves how the silicone hydrogel of the lens transports oxygen, improving comfort and facilitating optimal wettability and hydration.

Pack Sizes:

MyDay® toric lenses are available to order from Lenstore in packs of 30x lenses.

Availability for Myopia and Hypermetropia

MyDay® contact lenses are also available for those who have myopia (short-sightedness) or hypermetropia (long-sightedness).


Lenstore recommends clariti® 1 day toric as a suitable alternative. Their silicone hydrogel material allows high levels of oxygen to reach the eye, improving comfort, while WetLoc technology keeps eyes hydrated. clariti® 1 day lenses also feature a UV blocking filter. Though not a substitute for sunglasses, it provides an extra layer of protection from the sun.

As always, if you’re considering switching lenses, you’ll need to have them fitted by an optician first.

Roshni Patel

Written by: Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Optometrist and Professional Services Manager

Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom qualified as an Optometrist in 2004. She is a member of the Association of Optometrists and is the Professional Services Manager at Lenstore where she is responsible for supporting and guiding all departments from a clinical standpoint.

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MyDay Toric Reviews

Overall: 4.78 229 reviews

  • By Fabrizio on 11 May 2022 Good product
  • By Kevin Jordan on 10 May 2022 Very good Lens excellent price and performance have used many times now 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • By Malcolm on 10 May 2022 Great service thanks
  • By Myrm on 30 April 2022 I have tried many different brands and styles of daily disposable contact lenses. Many good, some not so good. But these ones are perhaps some of the most comfortable I have ever worn. Easy to put in and easy to take out. Once in I cannot feel them. If it wasn’t for the fact I could see properly, I wouldn’t know these were in. My new favourite daily disposables.
  • By Barbara on 30 April 2022 Excellent product excellent customer service and excellent price in comparison to my local optician.
  • By Jocelyn on 27 April 2022 Doesn’t try out eyes and comfortable to wear all day
  • By Ms Elizabeth Cruickshanks on 27 April 2022 Only lenses i can be comfortable with!
  • By mei on 26 April 2022 Not sure about the competitiveness with this price amongst others
  • By Anastasia Georgiou-Newton on 23 April 2022 Great product & more competitive than spec savers
  • By Sarah on 21 April 2022 Works well
  • By Kevin Aldridge on 15 April 2022 Happy with the quality and price.
  • By Renata Vyturiene on 15 April 2022 Very good quality will order always JUST HERE
  • By Leo B-Little on 14 April 2022 I have never had a problem with these lenses, I’ve used them for years do a lot of sport absolutely no issues
  • By Mrs Lesley Cooper on 13 April 2022 Lovely comfy fit
  • By Jessica Rose Langley on 12 April 2022 No difference between these and my old high street retailer. And same price (well 2p difference!)
  • By Alexandru on 12 April 2022 Used them for years, excellent product
  • By Elizabeth Tither on 06 April 2022 Has these on a trial from my opticians and wanted to order more, found them at a slightly cheaper price on Lenstore. The lenses are very comfortable (I’ve tried so many different ones!) and my vision is great when wearing them
  • By David Galloway on 05 April 2022 Quality product. Never had any issues.
  • By customer on 05 April 2022 Best ever worn.
  • By Paresh on 31 March 2022 Best toric lenses I have consistently used these past few years. Highly recommended.
  • By DS on 29 March 2022 Not much to say. Good product!
  • By PETTY BLACKMORE on 25 March 2022 Comfortable to wear and keep eyes moistured
  • By Ernest on 23 March 2022 Excellent contact lens in terms of quality but prices are a bit high for everyday use
  • By Dave Berridge on 22 March 2022 Great products
  • By sharon on 19 March 2022 Excellent service
  • By Helen Cole on 18 March 2022 Very comfortable
  • By Joanna on 15 March 2022 Very good quality, easy to apply .
  • By Ryan on 10 March 2022 Comfortable wearing it all day long.
  • By Linda S. on 08 March 2022 Very happy with these contact lenses.
  • By MrsUK on 08 March 2022 Good fit and perfect for sport
  • By Carolyn on 08 March 2022 I have already commented about this purchase. Presume you are paid to PR Lenstore. Why should I not be paid for my feedback?
  • By Christine Brierley on 01 March 2022 Amazing vision and comfort from these lenses. I have a mono vision prescription which enables me to read small print and also to see distance with my lead eye. I will definitely order again, the prices are so much better than my current optician.
  • By Ronit Dassa on 20 February 2022 Comfortable.
  • By Kirks on 19 February 2022 Feels and fits better than previous contacts I’ve worn
  • By Viviana Bettini on 28 January 2022 Very good as the ones I use to buy in specsavers
  • By Jon Wiles on 22 January 2022 Ive only worn this product once, seems fine really comfortable
  • By Dunc Hunter on 20 January 2022 Good comfortable lenses great vision pleased
  • By BB on 20 January 2022 All good, been using for a few years now
  • By F Ko on 18 January 2022 I ordered these for my daughter. She is very happy with them.
  • By Nick P. on 15 January 2022 Great service.
  • By Nicola on 11 January 2022 Excellent lenses. I was wearing hard lenses for years but converted to dailies and these give excellent vision and extremely comfortable. 10/10
  • By Mel Taylor on 07 January 2022 Great product
  • By Beverly Ezekiel on 02 January 2022 Fast delivery just in time for Christmas!
  • By Konstantinos Makris on 30 December 2021 Satisfactory
  • By B Ruscoe on 21 December 2021 My son has just started using contact lenses, one month in very happy with this product, will buy again
  • By Julie Juliff on 21 December 2021 Excellent service thank you.
  • By Mr Amrik Sihra on 10 December 2021 Lens as described and good site
  • By Derrick Brown on 21 November 2021 Excellent service
  • By Stuart on 21 October 2021 Best so far!
  • By customer on 19 October 2021 These are fantastic lenses, so very comfortable. I am very impressed with Lenstore's efficiency and super prompt delivery. I hope that they will be as good should there ever be a problem?!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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