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CooperVision is one of the leading manufacturers of contact lenses and eye care products. CooperVision contact lenses are some of the most popular contact lenses on the market and include products such as Proclear, Clariti 1 Day, Biofinity, and MyDay. CooperVision contact lenses also include multifocal and toric lenses such as MyDay Toric and Biofinity Multifocal. CooperVision produces an extended range of contact lenses that are tailor-made for complex prescriptions. No matter your prescription, CooperVision will have a lens that suits your needs.

CooperVision also produces a wide range of eye care products including contact lens solutions, eye drops, and contact lens cases as well as coloured contact lenses.

Which CooperVision contact lenses are right for me?

Only your optician can fit the right contact lenses for you, so it is important that you make an appointment with your optician if you have not yet been corrected and fitted with the right contact lenses. Based on your correction values, habits and lifestyle, your optician will recommend perfectly fitting lenses. For example, if you want to wear lenses regularly, monthly lenses would be a convenient and inexpensive choice. On the other hand, if you only need contact lenses occasionally, such as for sports, then daily lenses may be a better alternative for you.

Popular CooperVision lenses

Daily Contact Lenses

Clariti 1 Day

- Clariti 1 day are popular thanks to their exceptional comfort and visual clarity.

- The highly breathable silicone hydrogel combines with WetLoc technology to deliver healthy and comfortable vision.

- The thinner, smooth edge design enhances comfort and handling.

- Clariti 1 day lenses are UV blocking.

- Available as Clariti 1 day toric to correct astigmatism.

- Available as Clariti 1 day multifocal to correct presbyopia.


- MyDay contact lenses are designed to keep up with the demands of modern life by providing exceptional comfort, vision, and a healthier lens-wearing experience.

- Aquaform technology locks in moisture to keep your lenses hydrated and comfortable all day long.

- Silicone hydrogel material allows optimal oxygen to reach the eyes keeping them white and healthy.

- Helps to protect your eyes from UV rays produced by the sun.

- Available as MyDay toric to correct astigmatism.

Monthly Contact Lenses


- Aquaform technology locks in moisture, keeping the lens clean and comfy throughout the entire month.

- Silicone hydrogel material allows oxygen to flow freely and provides long-lasting comfort and hydration throughout the entire month.

- The aspheric lens design increases your focus and improves vision clarity.

- Available as Biofinity toric to correct astigmatism.

- Available as Biofinity Multifocal to correct presbyopia.

Avaira Vitality

- Made with silicone hydrogel, delivering plenty of oxygen to the eyes.

- The naturally wettable material resists deposits, keeping the lenses clean and comfy throughout the entire month.

- The subtle visibility tint and soft lens material make the lenses easier to handle.

- Avaira Vitality offers the highest level of UV protection available in contact lenses, blocking more than 90% UVA and 99% UVB rays.

- Available as Avaira Vitality toric to correct astigmatism.


- Designed to resist dryness.

- Great if you work in an office environment where you’re blinking less frequently.

- A hydrogel lens that mimics the natural structure of your eyes using biocompatible technology to deliver superior comfort and health benefits.

- PC Technology preserves water into the lens surface providing a more enjoyable lens-wearing experience.

- Available as Proclear toric to correct astigmatism.

- Available as Proclear multifocal to correct presbyopia.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Expressions Colour

- CooperVision uses an advanced design, which includes an innovative tinting process to provide you with a realistic and natural look.

- Expressions Colour offer long-lasting comfort thanks to its soft material and high-water content.

- Available in a range of colours that match and enhance the natural eye colour.

- Able to deliver a blend of 3 different shades of colour thanks to tinting technology. This improves the natural appearance of the lenses.

Extended Range Lenses

CooperVision supplies a range of extended-range contact lenses. Which are lenses that are tailor-made for more complex prescriptions. These lenses include:

Biofinity XR

Biofinity Toric XR

Proclear Multifocal Toric

Proclear Toric XR

Proclear Multifocal XR

CooperVision contact lens solutions

Along with their wide range of contact lenses CooperVision also manufacture some of the most popular contact lens solutions, suitable for all types of contact lenses. These include Hy-Care which is a popular multipurpose solution that is suitable for all types of contact lenses.

How do I order CooperVision contact lenses?

Ordering contact lenses on Lenstore is fast and totally uncomplicated. We even have a helpful guide that walks you through everything from finding your lenses to placing your order. It also explains exactly what your correction values mean and how to enter them correctly.

History of CooperVision

1958: CooperVision’s parent company started as the Martin H Smith Co.

1967: Martin H Smith Co. is re-branded as Cooper Laboratories.

1980-1983: Laboratories split into three sectors of healthcare and CooperVision becomes incorporated. They begin to sell Permalens an extended-wear soft contact lens.

1994: Introduction of Preference Toric, their first toric lens on the market.

1997: Acquires Natural Touch a line of cosmetic soft contact lenses. This results in CooperVision beginning to produce coloured contact lenses.

1998: CooperVision launches Frequency 55 Sphere.

2004: CooperVision acquires Ocular Sciences Inc. and becomes the third-largest manufacturer of soft contact lenses in the world.

2007: CooperVision launches Proclear 1-Day lenses and Biofinity silicone hydrogel monthly lenses.

2009: Biofinity Toric are released, the first silicone hydrogel toric lens from CooperVision.

2010: Launch of Biofinity Multifocal to correct vision affected by presbyopia.

2013: CooperVision introduces MyDay and Biofinity XR.

2014: CooperVision acquires Sauflon, the UK-based manufacturer of Clariti daily disposable contact lenses.

Alternative Brands

Bausch & Lomb - Bausch & Lomb contact lenses are durable and reliable. They offer a range of cost-effective lenses for many different prescriptions.

CIBA Vision / Alcon - CIBA Vision / Alcon contact lenses are a range of thin lenses that are easy to put in and take out of the eye. Wearers compliment them on how well they keep their eyes hydrated throughout the day.

Menicon - Menicon’s products are available in over 80 countries making them not only the largest contact lens manufacturer in Japan but one of the largest contact lens manufacturers globally. 

ACUVUE - Acuvue has pioneered many technological breakthroughs and produced the world’s first daily disposable contact lens, the Acuvue Disposable.

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