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30 lenses per box

Sauflon are rebranding to CooperVision. The product remains unchanged but please be aware that packaging may vary.

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Right Eye

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Sauflon / CooperVision

Optimum moisture

Clariti 1 Day lenses have advanced AquaGen technology to keep your eyes hydrated.

No fuss

With these lenses you don't need storage or solutions - simply wear for one day then discard.

UV protection

These lenses help to keep your eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays with strong UV protection.

Silicone hydrogel

Made with silicone hydrogel, these daily disposable lenses allow more oxygen to the cornea for enhanced comfort.

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Disposables
Brand Sauflon/CooperVision
Material Somofilcon A (Silicone Hydrogel) 56% water
Handling Tint No
UV Protection Yes
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.1
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day.

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Clariti 1 Day Reviews

Overall: 4.8 253 reviews

  • By Ian on 05 November 2019 Excellent product
  • By Robert Lilly on 05 November 2019 Comfortable and easy to handle.
  • By Jr on 02 November 2019 The cardboard packaging is poor as it never opens neatly.
  • By Bazz on 01 November 2019 Always consistent quality in every box. Have had no issues using these lenses.
  • By Jake on 01 November 2019 For such strong lenses only place I can buy online
  • By Mrs Carolyn Cocker on 31 October 2019 Excellent quality, highly recommend
  • By Robin Smith on 29 October 2019 Love Clarity lenses, very comfortable to wear and quality is excellent; hardly ever come across a duff lense which is more than you can say for some other makes.
  • By AC on 29 October 2019 Good product. Some fault lenses in a pack sometimes.
  • By Mary on 22 October 2019 Comfortable to wear and easy to apply
  • By Helen on 22 October 2019 Perfect for daily use. Comfortable lenses.
  • By DAVID on 19 October 2019 Very comfortable.
  • By gillian on 15 October 2019 Very good quality
  • By Laura on 05 October 2019 Excellent
  • By Lorraine B on 05 October 2019 First time using contacts, so these are what the optician fitted and I orderd.
  • By Elizabeth on 02 October 2019 Comfortable lens
  • By Rachel on 02 October 2019 I'm very impressed - quality lenses at a low price, great customer service and lightning quick delivery! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • By Terrie Rogers on 28 September 2019 Comfortable lenses
  • By Mr Farr on 26 September 2019 It’s a product that I have had before
  • By Mrs carol hyatt on 13 September 2019 Excellent. And if you buy it from Lens Store, value for money.
  • By ABIGAIL Llewellyn on 11 September 2019 Comfortable & reasonably priced
  • By HF on 10 September 2019 Other lenses irritate my eyes, these are fantastic
  • By Eileen on 09 September 2019 Most comfortable lens I have ever worn
  • By Bazz on 07 September 2019 Have no issues with these lenses and the quality is first rate.
  • By Katherine on 20 August 2019 Very comfortable, I'll be continuing to use these.
  • By JASON on 20 August 2019 Good lenses
  • By KM on 20 August 2019 Iv only recently started using lenses in order to avoid glasses on my wedding day and these are great. So comfortable and only due to the recent sporadic weather have i found i need to use eye drops
  • By Jon on 17 August 2019 Good product
  • By Helena Cadbury on 13 August 2019 Excellent choice. Exemplary service
  • By Eve on 13 August 2019 I am very happy with my order I get my contact lenses cheep and they come the next day I will be purchasing more
  • By Graham Miller on 13 August 2019 To paraphrase Ronseal, the lenses " do what they say on the tin " - They are good quality & a fair price
  • By Hazel Weedon on 10 August 2019 Great quality - cheaper than high- street.
  • By Junko on 09 August 2019 I have dry eyes so that not easy to find comfortable contact lenses within reasonable price. Yes! I found now:))) Recommend to people have same problems.
  • By Jarina on 06 August 2019 I’m so glad I was told about this website would recommend to everyone!!
  • By Paul on 31 July 2019 Great service
  • By WP on 31 July 2019 Great brand of lenses.
  • By Victoria on 30 July 2019 Very good.
  • By Lewis on 27 July 2019 Amazing!!!
  • By Sheila on 26 July 2019 Very good product
  • By Tammy on 25 July 2019 I ordered these because I have dry eyes, and they work so well. My favorite contacts so far.
  • By Tricia on 23 July 2019 I like these lenses but they are slightly bigger than my usual ones and more difficult to put in/remove.
  • By Wayne Hemingway on 23 July 2019 Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • By Keely on 17 July 2019 Ordered at 10.30pm on a Friday and lenses arrived Saturday. Super quick delivery
  • By Ankush on 16 July 2019 Very well fit
  • By Ophelia on 12 July 2019 Do not give me dry eyes. I find them easy to put in and take out. Happy with them.
  • By Louise Quested on 11 July 2019 Great lenses and very efficient service
  • By Judith on 10 July 2019 Great product simply wonderful to wear.
  • By Topsy on 08 July 2019 Certainly do the job although I have to say they are of a slightly thinner quality. Would definitely recommend though.
  • By Lisa on 08 July 2019 Extremely please, great value for money.
  • By Victoria on 06 July 2019 Comfortable contacts
  • By Brooko42 on 02 July 2019 Most comfortable contact lenses I've ever used: varifocals are far better than competitors'.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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