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Sauflon are rebranding to CooperVision. The product remains unchanged but please be aware that packaging may vary.

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  • Designed for Presbyopia. The only existing silicone hydrogel, daily disposable contact lens for the correction of vision at any distance.
  • Uncomplicated handling. The daily replacement requires no cleaning routine or special storage.
  • Healthy wearing experience. These ‘breathable’ lenses typically provide great quality comfort.

Clariti 1 Day Multifocal lenses are ideal for wearers who have presbyopia, offering lasting comfort and convenience.

Manufactured by CooperVision, these lenses feature a centre near design and an aspheric back surface. This allows smooth progression between power zones, providing the finest fit and centration.

Like all Clariti lenses, they are made from silicone hydrogel material. This allows oxygen to pass through to your corneas more easily, supporting optimum ocular health. With the additional feature of AquaGen technology, the surface of the lenses naturally lubricate your eyes to avoid dryness and discomfort.

So, take a step to perfect vision and buy your Clariti 1 Day Multifocal contact lenses with, where you will receive special offers and the option of next day UK delivery straight to your front door.

Contact lens type: Daily disposables
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Material: Material: 56% Water, Somofilcon A
Handling tint: Yes
UVA/UVB protection: Yes
Usage instructions: Dispose after each wear, no need for cleaning. Please replace daily.

Customer Reviews Collected independently byTrustpilot

Overall: 4.6 66 reviews

  • By on 15 April 2017 I find the varifocal lens work really well for me. They are comfortable to wear all day and my vision is as good as with my glasses. I like the freedom back of not wearing lasses and being able to wear wrap around dark glasses when out in the sun.
  • By on 28 March 2017 Very comfortable and clear vision
  • By on 04 March 2017 Have been using Clariti lenses for about 4years and have always been happy with them, no problems.
  • By on 22 November 2016 Soft, easy to apply, nice to wear.
  • By on 19 November 2016 Does what it says in the box, very good multifocals !
  • By on 07 June 2016 Very good comfortable and just the same as I was prescribed by specsavers and saved money makes me happy.
  • By on 17 May 2016 Comfortable and effective
  • By on 02 April 2016 Tried these lenses close vision was purfect my distance vision was very blurred . Unable to use these lenses would not recommend
  • By on 28 March 2016 I believe that not only package, formula had changed better for easy to wear.
  • By on 11 March 2016 Good quality ,just as good as high street shops ,
  • By on 11 March 2016 Easy and very convenient to use.
  • By on 08 March 2016 very comfortable and love the multifocal aspect
  • By on 18 February 2016 Great cannot leave in from waking to going to bed but majority of day is very comfy (I have gone form wearing extended wear to daily disposables) so different lenses.
  • By on 06 February 2016 The daily multi focal contact lenses are perfect for me.
  • By on 06 February 2016 The first time ive ordered lenses on line. Very simple process. Quick delivery. Lenses were just as good as opticians at a almost half the cost. Whats not to like?😊
  • By on 02 February 2016 Slight loss of long vision compared to my specsavers ones. Very moist and comfortable.
  • By on 27 January 2016 excellent product - easy on the eyd
  • By on 05 January 2016 Just as good as usual. We both use Clariti and have no problems with them. We will keep on buying them.
  • By on 02 January 2016 Took a while for my optician to get the combination right for my vision (left - 5.75 high / right-5.50 low). But I can see very well now far away as well as being able to read without problems. Lenses are comfortable all day long.
  • By on 29 December 2015 Great daily multifocal lenses.
  • By on 10 December 2015 I love these lenses. I've been using them for years and have had no irritation no matter how long I have to leave them in, unlike other lenses I have tried.
  • By on 08 December 2015 Lenses are good. As well as can be expected for someone who is seriously long-sighted and really needs to wear glasses constantly. Lenses will never be as good as these but Clariti are the best compromise.
  • By on 05 December 2015 It is the right product gives my all need.
  • By on 05 December 2015 Comfortable lenses which stay moist for the whole day
  • By on 19 November 2015 Good quality and easy to wear
  • By on 25 October 2015 Great product at great price
  • By on 22 October 2015 Works well for me. Very satisfied.
  • By on 20 October 2015 These lenses are a bit harder than soft moist ones but easier to use.
  • By on 17 October 2015 Good product and received within 2 days
  • By on 04 October 2015 They work fine for me. I don't wear them every day, but certainly miss them on the days I choose not to wear them!
  • By on 29 September 2015 Fab service. Received the lenses the next day even though the site said possibly up to 10 days. Thank you.
  • By on 15 September 2015 Comfortable. Easy to get in and out.
  • By on 12 September 2015 These daily lenses are comfortable, I have dry eyes and have used tru eye before moving onto multi focal lenses.
  • By on 01 September 2015 Great product. Comfortable to wear.
  • By on 15 August 2015 Good daily multi focals, giving excellent distance and middle distance vision. Near vision is not quite so clear & in a dark environment I sometimes need to add 0.5 reading glasses.,
  • By on 08 August 2015 Delighted with the prompt and efficient service
  • By on 07 August 2015 Well happy with the product
  • By on 01 August 2015 Excellent lenses, hardly know there in.
  • By on 29 July 2015 After trialling several brands the Clariti 1 Day Multifocals were the ones that met a variety of my needs and have been very comfortable for all day use.
  • By on 16 July 2015 The lenses are comfortable to wear and remain moist for longer
  • By on 14 July 2015 Very good lenses, at a reasonable price for what you het.
  • By on 14 July 2015 All ok. Still get dry eyes though
  • By on 30 June 2015 Great products and so comfortable to wear. Have never been able to get perfect long and short distance but his is very close!
  • By on 26 June 2015 Theses contact lenses have made such a difference, no more headaches, they are very comfortable & arrived the next day. I can't fault the amazing service.
  • By on 16 June 2015 Never had any problems, easy to handle and comfortable the whole day.
  • By on 16 June 2015 Very comfortable multi focal lens which suits my day to day needs Extreme close work still need reading glasses but I think that's the same with all contacts
  • By on 11 June 2015 Very, very comfortable lenses and exactly the prescription I required. Very happy with the quality and the price.
  • By on 09 June 2015 These are very good lenses and have been using them for a while
  • By on 05 June 2015 So easy to use and comfortable too. No cleaning and storing either.
  • By on 05 June 2015 Great product for me having just switched from regular dailies

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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