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  • Long-Lasting Comfort Keeps up with the demands of your busy lifestyle.

  • HydraLuxe Technology Unique “tear inspired” technology, which is great for active lifestyles.

  • No Cleaning or Storing A convenient daily lens which you use once and then throw away.

  • UV Protection Helps keep your eyes protected from harmful rays of sunlight.

One of the world’s best-selling contact lens brands has now released innovative daily lenses designed to keep your eyes hydrated all day long.

ACUVUE Oasys 1 Day lenses are designed with HydraLuxe technology which integrates with the natural moisture in your eye. This leaves the eyes feeling relieved of the symptoms of dryness and tiredness for the whole day. These lenses provide your eyes with more oxygen, giving your eyes a breath of fresh air and further maintaining hydration.

The daily lenses are ideal for those who experience a busy lifestyle, removing the time consuming responsibility of a cleaning routine that comes with other, longer-wearing lenses.

When buying from you will receive the benefits of ordering online from our UK based site. These include a free eye test from Vision Express, as well as a fast and reliable delivery service, with 93.6% of our orders shipping on the same day.

Product details:

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Disposables
Material Senofilcon A (Silicone Hydrogel) 38% water
UV Protection Class 1 UV-blocking provides >99% UVB and >90% UVA
Base Curves (mm) 8.5, 9.0
Diameter (mm) 14.3
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day

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ACUVUE Oasys 1 Day Reviews

Overall: 4.9 41 reviews

  • By Nigel Warwick on 16 October 2018 This is the lens that I wear because it’s the best for me.
  • By Christine on 13 October 2018 The lens are great so comfortable will be ordering them again
  • By Emma Olifent on 07 October 2018 Excellent daily disposable lens. Great fit and doesn't dry eye out.
  • By Annette C on 06 October 2018 Nice comfortable lenses which don’t dry out
  • By Eshan on 11 September 2018 Brilliant exactly what I wanted.
  • By Emily on 11 September 2018 These lenses are the only ones that feel comfortable for me after trying lots of different types and makes! I can wear these all day with no problems!
  • By Former JD Sports Customer on 05 September 2018 These are the best contacts I have used
  • By Alex Hilton on 01 September 2018 Very comfortable, last all day without drying out.
  • By Mr Jeffery on 25 August 2018 I have tried 4 different styles/manufacturers as a new lense wearer and these with Hydraluxe are by far the most comfortable I have had. They are easy to get in, extremely easy to remove and are so comfortable, I have to make myself take them out. Other types start irritating my eyes after a few hours but these remain comfortable all day even in an air-conditioned office. I probably would never try any others. Let's hope they keep making them.
  • By mandy on 02 August 2018 I wear lense occasionally, these are great, not just for convenience but the lenses are not blurry, you don’t spend all day blinking out to readjust the lense, they fit me well and are no trouble. They don’t scrape they eye ball when you blink. What more can I ask for.
  • By Amie Boycott on 28 July 2018 Best lenses available for daily wear.
  • By Tom Cahill on 17 June 2018 Brilliant ! Delighted with product
  • By Mrs Jones on 13 June 2018 Great product, will order again.
  • By Melanie on 12 June 2018 Great product. Does exactly what it’s meamt to do
  • By Luke on 07 June 2018 Extremely comfortable. I suffer with pigmentary glaucoma so want to spend as little time touching my eyes as possible and these attach to the eye really well, others I've tried seem to fold or wrap around my finger as I try to insert them. I also have very dry eyes so contact lenses in the past have been very uncomfortable. These I don't really notice I'm wearing so they are perfect.
  • By Sam Smith on 07 June 2018 One of the best lenses for me
  • By Amy on 07 June 2018 I’ve tried a lot of different lenses as I have very dry eyes and find that I can wear these lenses longer than other brands. Much better than Acuvue Moist 1 Day
  • By Lisa on 07 June 2018 Been using these contacts for years, after trying many others I always come back to these.
  • By None on 10 April 2018 Keep eyes moist. Very comfortable.
  • By david on 08 April 2018 excellent lenses!!! i only use this type lenses, and the best place to buy it is @lenstore
  • By Ellen on 03 April 2018 Comfortable to wear had no problems since changing to this product
  • By Emma Olifent on 31 March 2018 Competitive price and fast service; lenses arrived two days after ordering.
  • By Nina on 09 March 2018 Nice dailies they feel comfortable throughout the day but can be hard to tell which side is which and see if its inverted or not.
  • By Blanka Munks on 01 March 2018 I used this brand for over 15years now and i had the moisture daily lenses but sometimes i work over 12h a day and this new acuvue oasy are just perfect i feel that my eyes are not tired end of the day. Before i used drops as well but now i dont need it.very happy with this product ☝🏻
  • By Ian Stevens on 26 February 2018 They're great. I only wear them for running and they are so comfortable.
  • By Angelos Pikoulas on 24 February 2018 The best daily lenses ever!
  • By Kin on 17 February 2018 excellent price and product.
  • By Karen on 23 January 2018 So comfortable, great to dispose of them daily 👍
  • By Mrs Judy Down on 12 December 2017 Amazing lenses very easy to wear and so comfortable
  • By Mariam on 09 December 2017 My eyes are very dry and no other lenses have ever worked for me. Other lenses make my eyes more dry and irritated. I can’t even feel anything in my eyes while wearing these, they keep my eyes hydrated and comfortable! I’ve recommended these to everyone I know!!
  • By Marie on 30 November 2017 Perfect comfort and vision
  • By Max on 24 November 2017 I have used the oasys for a number of years now. Never had any problems with them. Very happy.
  • By Dawn on 18 November 2017 Brilliant. Very comfortable lens
  • By Sari from Finland on 02 November 2017 I have got dry eyes and these lenses suits perfect !
  • By Pat on 12 August 2017 Ideal. Comfortable and mouse.
  • By sarah on 12 August 2017 These stay moist all day, easy to put in, had almost given up til I tried these lenses, would recommend
  • By Louisa on 04 August 2017 Wanted to use dailies on my holiday instead of my usual monthly's. After much research I decided on Acuvue Oasys and so pleased I did. They are so comfortable from the moment you put them in and I never felt any irritation from them once and I regularly had them in for 12 hours +, even went to bed in them one night as I forgot I had them in and still they were fine. I can rarely keep my monthly's in for longer than 5 hours before my eyes are itchy and sore. I am so pleased with them that I am going to cancel my monthly's and change to these. They will cost me a little bit more a month but well worth it for the ease and comfort. Love them.
  • By Tom on 18 July 2017 Tried many brands so far, its a pain in the *** that getting contacts is so difficult as ypu need a test every time you're not happy. These provide a whole day comfort. As a customer of Specsevers was assured that their own brand is so great yet i did feel discomfort shortly after putting the contacts in. thought its my eyes are dry and all but once i've tried Acuvue Oasys 1 Day i've noticed the difference. Its a must try for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable about their current prescription.
  • By Penny Meredith on 08 July 2017 These are by far and away the best contact lenses I've ever used! Contact lenses suit my lifestyle better and I prefer daily disposables (no cleaning hassles!), but as I have very dry eyes and work 12-hours shifts in a hot manufacturing environment, my choice is somewhat limited. When my optician suggested I try these new ones from Acuvue, I was somewhat sceptical; I needn't have been. As soon as I put them in my eyes I could feel the difference in comfort compared to my previous ones and after one shift, I was hooked! Yes, they are more expensive than other dailies, but for me it's worth the extra outlay (plus I now order mine from Lenstore, which is far cheaper than the high street) and I'm so glad I made the swap.
  • By Christine on 21 April 2017 Bought these to try. Very good lens, however I will be returning to the Aqua Comfort Plus which for some reason I find easier to put in my eye
  • By Edwina on 14 March 2017 Very good lenses. Can wear all day in comfort.

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