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  • Ultimate comfort. Aquaform technology ensures your eyes stay hydrated for longer.
  • Perfect for busy lifestyles. These monthly lenses can be worn for up to 7 days of continuous wear (dependent on your Optician's advised schedule).
  • Clear vision. Aspheric front surface allows for sharper vision with a wide depth of field.

CooperVision's Biofinity contact lenses use the patented Aquaform technology, designed to allow the optimal amount of oxygen to reach your eyes.

Thanks to this technology, they keep your eyes moist without using any additional surface treatments or wetting agents. On top of this, Biofinity have an aspheric front surface, which provides greater image resolution and increased depth of focus, ensuring clear and crisp vision.

Renowned for their high quality, Biofinity lenses can be worn continuously for up to 7 days or 6 nights of continuous wear, under the instruction of your Optician. Alternatively, you can wear them during waking hours and replace them with a fresh pair every month.

Buy your Biofinity contact lenses online from, and you'll enjoy the convenience of fast, reliable delivery straight to your door.

Contact lens type: Monthly disposables
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Material: 48% Water, 52% Comfilcon A
Handling tint: Yes
UVA/UVB protection: Not specified
Usage instructions: Daily wear for 30 days. Continuous wear for up to 7 days. Please replace with a new pair every month
Optician's own brand: Specsavers Easyvision Opteyes (Ultimate)

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Overall: 4.8 135 reviews

  • By on 21 March 2017 Some lenses have been damaged
  • By on 14 March 2017 I've been using these contact lenses for many years as they were sold as monthly extended wear lenses by my optician. They suit my eyes well and I don't get any irritation from them in comparison to the Air Optix Night & Day Aqua and other brands. I think I have tried all the extended-wear lenses available but I keep coming back to these as they are the most comfortable and seem to have one of the highest oxygen transmissibility's around.
  • By on 13 March 2017 Great lenses - previous ones kept drying out - these ones are great (and cheaper too) Had these for a couple of weeks now and I can't tell they're there. Just how it's meant to be.
  • By on 04 February 2017 Excellent contact lens. Fit perfectly.
  • By on 14 January 2017 Been using this product for years. Very comfortable lense
  • By on 10 January 2017 Contacts are correct in the correct prescription
  • By on 28 December 2016 Contacts themselves are great.
  • By on 17 December 2016 Good price for quality lense. These are my go to lenses when wanna save money. They are thicker then Air Optix, but even can scatch your eye and never lost my lense. Actualy no problem with thickness. My eyes are naturaly dry, so using eye drops or sometimes a few drops of cleaning solution to for dryiness.
  • By on 03 December 2016 Very soft and thin. Can leave them in overnight wihtout stress.
  • By on 03 December 2016 I've always used biofinity lenses. They are comfortable for all day wear.
  • By on 19 November 2016 Perfect for my eyes and presented in easy to get to packets
  • By on 15 November 2016 I am very pleased with the quality of these lenses.
  • By on 10 September 2016 Best contact lenses ever! Let's my eyes breathe!
  • By on 22 June 2016 Good lenses in terms of vision and day-long comfort but found them tricky to get out of the lens fluid because they're so thin as to be almost invisible and being so thin they're also slightly harder to handle - still very satisfied with them though and will buy again.
  • By on 14 June 2016 very comfortable contact lenses. the best product
  • By on 09 June 2016 good contact lenses comfortable to wear
  • By on 24 May 2016 Were given these lens as a trial by my opticians as my usual lens were being discontinued. Found they were very comfy all day and could be used for up to 6 days continuously. Found these lens on-line so much cheaper than my opticians were asking for and you also were able to arrange a free eye test as well. Ordering very easy on line, postage quick within 2days. Very happy
  • By on 18 May 2016 My go-to extended wear lenses for the past 7 years or so!
  • By on 23 April 2016 Outstanding price , fast delivery - overall perfect !!
  • By on 23 April 2016 My favourite contact lenses. I'm -6,50. Can easily wear them all day long without feeling dry.
  • By on 05 April 2016 Very pleased with my lens, super fast delivery and I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. The packaging is lovely too with just the right amount of solution in too.
  • By on 23 March 2016 Good product, very comfortable
  • By on 15 March 2016 I have used this product for around 2/3 years. Never had an issue. Comfortable to wear.
  • By on 08 March 2016 The most comfortable monthly lens I have had
  • By on 27 February 2016 Have been using them for a year now and no complains
  • By on 19 February 2016 Great, wearable throughout the day. Recommended.
  • By on 13 February 2016 I have used these contact lenses for 6+ years and never had a single problem with them. They're very comfortable and keep your eyes nice and moist. Good value, would recommend.
  • By on 13 February 2016 Exactly what I need. Thank you .
  • By on 09 February 2016 Been using them for more than a year and haven't had issues whatsoever.
  • By on 05 February 2016 These lenses are excellent very clear visability, really pleased with them.
  • By on 05 February 2016 Excellent, and nice and light. I uses as constant wear - put in on a monday and take out 4 weeks later on the friday. I wear my glasses for the 2 days between to let my eyes get a rest
  • By on 25 January 2016 I use these as continuous wear lenses, putting them in on "Day 1" and taking them out usually on a Friday night about 4 weeks later, giving myself a rest (by using glasses) for the weekend, before putting the next set in again on a Monday morning. Don't suffer from dry eyes with these (except when woken at 3am by one of my children - though that is probably lack of sleep rather than the lenses)
  • By on 21 January 2016 Good value for money. My wife used to use a better one, but she's happy with this one so far.
  • By on 19 January 2016 A bit hard to put in as they are very soft, but good to wear.
  • By on 09 January 2016 I have been wearing these lenses for a couple of years. I always take them out and disinfect them overnight because when I sleep in them my eyes feel uncomfortable in the morning. That said, they are functional and cheap to wear on a daily basis.
  • By on 08 January 2016 Very good, first long term lenses, been wearing all day everyday for a week with no problems and I have pretty dry eyes
  • By on 05 January 2016 Great lenses, don't use other ones.
  • By on 01 January 2016 Our children have been using biofinity lenses for a few years with no issues.
  • By on 30 December 2015 Perfect the best I've used
  • By on 19 December 2015 Great lens very comfortable. No problems
  • By on 18 December 2015 Brilliant lenses. no Problems at all. Love being able to leave them in for ages :)
  • By on 05 December 2015 Durable & soft. If you forget to take them out this festive season 🍻 there's very little irritation 👍
  • By on 03 December 2015 Good contact lenses, I've never used any others as I find these ones durable and comfortable.
  • By on 23 November 2015 Have been using these lenses through my optician great to have them delivered to the door for the same money.
  • By on 21 November 2015 Brilliant contact lenses, extended wear means I can keep them in day and night for upto 29 days ... absolutely brilliant.
  • By on 16 November 2015 Absolutely recommended. These lenses are perfect for me. Great value too. No complaints whatsoever.
  • By on 12 November 2015 Very comfortable lenses. I've had few problems with them.
  • By on 07 November 2015 Comfortable for extended wear and easy to look after
  • By on 03 November 2015 great product and easy use

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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