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Bausch & Lomb

Enhanced comfort

ComfortMoist Technology makes for a thinner lens to provide high levels of comfort.

HD Optics

Unique High-Definition Optics reduces halos and glare; ensuring clear, crisp vision at all times.

Increased clarity

PureVision 2 HD reduce spherical aberration; a common problem that affects vision clarity and resolution.

Increased oxygen transmission

Made from silicone hydrogel; a highly breathable material that allows optimal levels of oxygen to your eyes to keep them bright and healthy.

Categories Contact Lenses, Monthly Disposables, Extended Wear Lenses
Brand Bausch & Lomb
Material Balafilcon A (Silicone Hydrogel) 36% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Monthly disposable for daily wear or extended wear of up to 29 nights. Always follow your optician's advice over manufacturer instructions.

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PureVision 2 HD Reviews

Overall: 4.7 41 reviews

  • By Michael Parsons on 19 November 2019 Regular user, comfortable and no problems.
  • By Joanne Kay on 07 November 2019 So much money saved going direct to Lenstore.
  • By NR on 24 October 2019 I’ve been using these for years now. Tried to change to daily disposable a while back but unfortunately my eyes did not like the feel of those as much as they do these monthly disposable lenses. I really cannot fault them, best brand and lenses I have used over the course of 20yrs of wearing senses.
  • By Sally Burbery on 14 October 2019 Great lenses easy to wear .
  • By Abhishek on 08 October 2019 Value for money
  • By Kev on 07 September 2019 Can wear for a week without any problems.
  • By Hayley on 04 August 2019 Fantastic value and super fast delivery!!
  • By Ms J Shanks on 26 July 2019 Do not buy theses contaacts I have wasted my money buy 3 sets which should have been 3 months supply,the first pair one became uncomfortable after 4 hours when I took it out it was torn around the egdes, company said they'd look into it !!!!! Pair number 2 the exactly same thing happened in ONE DAY Pair 3 10 minutes ago I decided to not waste 3rd pair and as soon as I took one out it was folded over on it self and when I put it in it not working I have no difference in vision in that eye I'm writing this with one good eye, it also starting to hurt as I've kept it in. I'm off to take it out. I will send photos again to lenstore but I'm not holding out much luck
  • By Roly on 17 July 2019 Great product and extended wear is fantastic.
  • By Ernie on 29 June 2019 Comfortable to wear 30 days or more 24/7 without removal, just splash your eyes in the morning!
  • By Kirk on 15 June 2019 Extended wear- As a personal issue I find the lenses dry out while asleep. Quite sticky when just awake.
  • By Jennie Hollingworth on 14 June 2019 Been buying these from my opticians for years and was really surprised to find them here at a fraction of a price. £29 for 3 pairs and not the £69 I pay at the Opticians.
  • By patrick on 07 June 2019 Purchased on-line from Lenstore. Excellent service. Lens delivered promptly and very competitively priced.
  • By Rosie on 10 March 2019 Excellent!
  • By Deidra Jenkins on 15 February 2019 I love these contacts. They are thin but still durable enough that they don't tear easily.
  • By Magdalena on 01 January 2019 The best monthly contact lenses
  • By Alex P on 01 January 2019 Comfortable quality lenses
  • By Diana on 09 October 2018 I am using this kind of lenses for years and years. They are really the best! You don’t feel it, so thin they are. Best lenses that could be on the market at this moment!
  • By Diana on 08 June 2018 Able to buy my usual lens from lens store
  • By mr mrs marshal on 07 June 2018 Best contact lens i have ever had. They are good fit and clear. I love them.
  • By couboys10 on 18 July 2017 I ordered these as a replacement to the lenses I receive in the post every 3 months, I'm going away so will need to buy a load at once. They are about a third the price of the lenses I currently use, but are slightly thicker. My vision is exactly the same whichever lens I use and now I've been wearing these for a few days, I'm used to the thickness. I will buy a year's supply.
  • By Catriona on 01 July 2017 Been wearing these a couple of weeks now, very comfy and have been wearing continuously with no problems. Very good price too.
  • By Vera on 01 January 2017 Really good contact lenses, never had a problem with them.
  • By john on 26 November 2016 Great soft contact lenses. Never had a problem with purevision.
  • By Ruth on 22 November 2016 I don't understand why they come in 3s, but no complaints!
  • By marcia on 07 March 2016 good long lasting lenses but sometimes become a bit out of shape when they are removed and replaced
  • By J. on 22 November 2015 Best contactlens, comfortable all day long, great price.
  • By Karolina Wojciechowska on 07 November 2015 Much better than my previous lenses, no eye irritation, very comfortable to wear all day.
  • By Robert on 22 October 2015 Good comfortable lenses. Swapped from another PureVision lens and these have become my regular purchase.
  • By William on 02 October 2015 Good lenses at realistic prices.
  • By John on 22 September 2015 I'm new to contacts and have been strugging with dry eyes and disappointing clarity, and was considering giving up with them. I have slight astigmatism and my optician suggested Purevision to try and improve the focus problem. Immediate improvement although the vision in my left eye was not sharp, so I decided to try and correct this by trying a lens + 1.25 instead of the +1.5 supplied by my high street optician. Success on two counts vision now sharp and discovered considerable saving by buying from Lenstore.
  • By Carol on 18 September 2015 Comfortable lens.... But don't usually get full month
  • By Robert allen on 14 September 2015 have used boch &lomb pure vision lens and find them very good
  • By Kimberley on 30 August 2015 Very Comfortable easy wear.
  • By Carl on 11 August 2015 Great. No dryness during extended wear. Better than old purevision. No halos or streaky lights anymore
  • By Dominic on 01 August 2015 First time trying them, so far so good!
  • By Stephen on 25 June 2015 Great, comfortable lens but at my prescription, a little thin and fragile.
  • By Joanna on 12 June 2015 Easy to use and no irritation.
  • By Kasia on 04 June 2015 Fine for dry eyes but a bit irritating for my eyes. I had to bu different brand
  • By oana on 05 April 2015 I'm very happy with this type of lens. soft and easy to wear!
  • By Catherine on 04 April 2015 Love these lenses, i've been wearing them for 2.5 years now, and i cant fault them

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