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CooperVision Contact Lenses

Maximum hydration

Aquaform technology creates a naturally water-loving lens that retains water within the surface to reduce dehydration.

Great for sensitive eyes

As Biofinity lenses lock in moisture, they contain no additional wetting agents which is great if your eyes are sensitive.

Aspheric design

These lenses features an aspheric front surface provides improved image resolution and focus, ensuring vision is clear and sharp.

Categories Contact Lenses / Monthly Contact Lenses / Extended & Continuous Wear Contact Lenses
Brand CooperVision
Material Comfilcon A I 5 (Silicone Hydrogel) 48% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Daily wear for 30 days, when removed, cleaned and stored at the end of the day or extended wear for up to 29 nights. Please replace with a new pair every month

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Biofinity Reviews

Overall: 4.73 79 reviews

  • By Clare Silcock on 18 February 2021 Fantastic Lenses
  • By gillian king on 19 January 2021 Excellent service definitely 5 star excellent quality
  • By James on 14 January 2021 Great value and quality
  • By Joanna on 14 January 2021 very comfortable to wear.
  • By Briauna on 12 January 2021 I live in the US so delivery time was super fast considering that. Contacts are great, prescription was correct. I will definitely reorder in the future.
  • By Vranda on 05 January 2021 Very comfortable lenses.
  • By Liv on 05 January 2021 Comfortable
  • By Lilia on 31 December 2020 Very good quality and fast next day delivery
  • By Dorde Andrejic on 24 December 2020 excellent seller
  • By Brianna on 20 December 2020 I never received my contacts so I wouldn’t know.
  • By Michelle on 09 December 2020 I've been buying Bioinfinity for years. It's a solid brand.
  • By Sudhanshu Gambhir on 04 December 2020 Great product and have been using for so many years!
  • By Ni on 17 October 2020 good product and price
  • By Yana on 08 October 2020 Good price and comfortable lenses.
  • By Melissa on 03 October 2020 Most of the contacts when I opened them had stuff floating in them with the contact. I had a couple of them that are ok but I had to throw more than half of them away because I was seeing dots when I put them in. This is the first time that I purchased them and this was the case. I am so disappointed as I just received them and I only have two left. Now I am scared to reorder because I would hate to waste more money on contacts that I will have to throw out! Thinking about making a eye appointment and go that way. Unless they will make it right!
  • By Danijel on 29 August 2020 Just perfect
  • By Kathleen on 27 August 2020 Good Price, delivered quickly, packaged well
  • By Camilla on 15 August 2020 My lenses arrived the day after I ordered them. When I first ordered my lenses they were very helpful. Excellent service all round. Thank you
  • By ELENI on 30 July 2020 Very happy with this product
  • By Allan on 30 July 2020 Very good product.
  • By Lisa Fry on 18 July 2020 A* customer service
  • By Brian on 18 July 2020 As promised, good product and service.
  • By Joanna on 04 July 2020 very comfortable and easy to put in and remove
  • By Stephanie on 30 June 2020 Good lenses, comfy to wear
  • By Ellen on 25 June 2020 These are good contacts but a little pricey in a small pack.
  • By Mr Vasilev on 17 June 2020 Gffggggghhhhhhgg
  • By Graham Ferguson on 07 June 2020 Great service and value as always
  • By Hussain Riasat on 04 June 2020 13 years experience, best contact lenses by far...would recommend to all contact lens users.
  • By Allan on 30 May 2020 Very good product
  • By John Williams on 16 May 2020 Very comfortable lenses.
  • By SJ on 16 May 2020 Very comfortable and very good value for money
  • By Missy on 16 May 2020 This lens feels amazing! I was prescribed Acuvue before. Acuvue felt okay. I had no issues with it. I asked the doctor to put me in the best lens. The doctors I work with are pressured to put patients in Acuvue first. The doctor prescribed Biofinity for me. I fell in love with this lens from day one! I don't want to go back to Acuvue.
  • By M COWLES on 06 May 2020 Fast efficient service
  • By Martin Davis on 28 April 2020 Does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • By Adriana on 24 April 2020 Greta product
  • By Andrea on 22 April 2020 I wouldn’t know because I still don’t have it
  • By Jack on 16 April 2020 Good value for money and comfortable. They do split quite easily, compared to the brands.
  • By Joanna on 14 April 2020 Super and cheap
  • By Jo on 14 April 2020 I switched to Biofinity on a friend's recommendation because I was struggling with extremely dry eyes and could no longer use other monthly lenses. This was over a year ago, and so far, these have been great!
  • By Galen on 28 March 2020 My favourite lenses.
  • By A C on 24 December 2019 Great contact lenses, good price.
  • By Kia on 20 November 2019 I have very sensitive/dry eyes. At first use i found a little bit dry on my eyes. The next two days, no problem, i like this contact lens
  • By Sarah on 15 October 2019 Used these lenses for many years. Very comfortable and very durable. Never had any problems with them
  • By Maurice on 07 October 2019 Comfortable
  • By Marion Frances on 05 October 2019 Very comfortable
  • By Anna Janocha on 01 October 2019 Best lenses I've had so far, especially for an office job and long hours staring at a computer screen! No dryness and long lasting
  • By customer on 28 September 2019 Great product
  • By David on 27 September 2019 I find that the lenses lose their flexibility after a short period of time
  • By M COWLES on 02 September 2019 Good value for money
  • By Sam McAvoy on 27 August 2019 Great product overall.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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