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No compromise

These monthly lenses retain the high levels of comfort you expect from daily contacts.

Unique design

Using an advanced lens design, Biofinity Toric lenses offer optimal support for those with astigmatism.

All-day moisture

CooperVision's Aquaform technology allows increased oxygen flow through to your eyes, keeping them hydrated for longer.

Categories Contact Lenses, Monthly Disposables, Toric Lenses
Brand CooperVision
Material Comfilcon A I 5 (Silicone Hydrogel) 48% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.7
Diameter (mm) 14.5
Usage Instructions Daily wear for up to 30 days. Replace with a new pair every month.

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Biofinity Toric Reviews

Overall: 4.8 185 reviews

  • By Piotr on 06 August 2019 Their are cool
  • By UK Mainland Order on 25 July 2019 I have used these lenses for many years and they are comfortable and long lasting. Just wish they did a varifocal lens
  • By Darren on 23 July 2019 Good lenses
  • By Cameron on 23 July 2019 These lenses are super comfortable and don't dry out.
  • By Emi on 23 July 2019 Worth the money and good price. These are my usual lenses.
  • By Jonathan Upton on 20 July 2019 Just as good as the other I was using.
  • By Joanne on 19 July 2019 These contact lenses are so comfortable I dont even know I have them in. On day 9 and so clear no problems with these like i did wearing daily contact lenses.
  • By Karen on 16 July 2019 Comfortable, easy to look after however not as good as used to be.
  • By Chris on 14 July 2019 Great lenses for the price
  • By Andrews on 13 July 2019 Great product.๐Ÿ˜„
  • By Ruth on 10 July 2019 I am very satisfied with my lenses i have absolutely no complaints.
  • By Mike Townend on 09 July 2019 Good service and easy to use website
  • By Alexis on 09 July 2019 Good product
  • By Vivienne on 06 July 2019 This is a good product
  • By Ewelina on 05 July 2019 Very comfortable but can be hard to put in as they fall of your finger
  • By Stephen on 04 July 2019 Huge saving on high street prices . These fit really well . Wear all day and no issues
  • By Natalie on 03 July 2019 great lenses very comfortable and affordable
  • By Donna Oakes on 02 July 2019 Excellent lenses comfortable and robust
  • By Rosie on 01 July 2019 Fantastic prices on quality Lens!
  • By dormouse on 28 June 2019 The most comfortable lenses I've found. I've tried a few different brands - including more expensive lenses - and for comfort, stability of vision and wearability over long days nothing beats these.
  • By Kieran on 27 June 2019 Great product
  • By Farkshanda Ahmed on 25 June 2019 Cheapest place to get quality lenses
  • By Jack on 22 June 2019 Great . Comfortable lenses. Very fast delivery & much cheaper than any opticians
  • By paul on 20 June 2019 The last set of lenses were damaged in transit. The replacement ones one lens was stuck to the upper lid and when attempting to peel it off it has split. Recently the quality of lens appears to have gone down hill. I canโ€™t keep sending them back.
  • By Nick on 14 June 2019 They are comfortable and help me see.
  • By Steve on 14 June 2019 I suffer from dry eye which has prevented me wearing lenses for a few years but these Biofinity Toric lenses are great. Can wear them all day if needed without discomfort.
  • By Tim on 14 June 2019 Very comfortable lenses that hold their shape when removed from the eye too.
  • By Waldemar on 08 June 2019 Perfect very happy
  • By Rodger Welsh on 07 June 2019 Good quality toric lenses. No complaints so far.
  • By Mrs Evelyn Mellan on 01 June 2019 I have used these Lens for a year or more now and find them very comfortable. They are very fine and I really have no negative feedback to give.
  • By Leanne Tsiopani on 01 June 2019 Very comfortable can hardly feel them as I suffer from dry eyes
  • By Martin on 28 May 2019 Excellent product that doesn't brake the bank.
  • By David on 28 May 2019 First time I try this lens, really good quality, I little bit thick but not a problem
  • By Alison Stringfellow on 21 May 2019 Very comfortable lenses brilliant value.
  • By Aimee Courtney on 14 May 2019 Very comfortable lenses,
  • By Grace on 23 March 2019 Very clear, comfortable and retain moisture all day. I love these lenses.
  • By Lee on 15 March 2019 Cheap and exceptional quality
  • By Sophie on 12 March 2019 Excellent quality, great value
  • By Samantha on 08 March 2019 So comfortable to wear compared to others I used to get through a leading opticians
  • By Bernie on 16 February 2019 Iโ€™d be lost without them (literally ๐Ÿ˜‚)
  • By Gwen on 12 February 2019 Great quality, some dryness after 8 hours wear. Excellent clarity of vision.
  • By Jen on 12 February 2019 Very good price
  • By Fiona on 12 February 2019 Great so pleased and they cost half the price
  • By Adnan on 09 February 2019 excellent product
  • By Isra on 04 February 2019 Great product for those with astigmatism
  • By gabi on 24 January 2019 Very good service and happy
  • By Maura on 18 January 2019 Good quality and value for money
  • By Sylwia on 08 January 2019 Good quality, as cheap as good, highly recommended.
  • By Laura on 03 January 2019 As good as more expensive equivalent
  • By Sandra on 25 December 2018 This is an awesome service and worth the money.

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