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CooperVision Contact Lenses

Fuss-free wear – No need to clean or store. Just throw the lenses away after a full day’s wear and insert a fresh pair the next morning.

Long-lasting comfort - The unique AquaGen® technology naturally attracts and binds water molecules throughout the lens. This, combined with a high-water content (56%), delivers more hydration and all-day comfort.

Healthy eyes - Thanks to the healthy silicone hydrogel material, your eyes will look and feel healthy, even after a long day.

Live® 1 day lenses combine the health benefits of silicone hydrogel with the comfort and convenience of a daily disposable lens. They also feature UV protection for added peace of mind.*

Recommended For

Live® 1 day lenses are ideal for:

  • Those who are short-sighted or long-sighted
  • Anyone who has a busy lifestyle or spends long days in front of a screen
  • Those who don’t want the fuss of a lens care routine

Please always check with your Optometrist first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.

Product Information

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Contact Lenses
Brand CooperVision
Material Somofilcon A (Silicone Hydrogel) 56% water
Handling Tint No
UV Protection Yes
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day.


Live® 1 day lenses are manufactured by CooperVision®, a world leader in contact lenses.


These lenses are part of the Live® 1 day brand.

Type of Lens:

Live® 1 day are daily disposable lenses. Simply throw them away at the end of each day and insert a fresh pair the next morning.


Live® 1 day are made from Somofilcon A, a healthy silicone hydrogel material that delivers optimal comfort and eye health.


AquaGen® technology - a unique technology that attracts and binds water molecules throughout the lens to support all day comfort.

Pack Sizes:

Live® 1 day are available to order from Lenstore in packs of 30x lenses.


Lenstore recommends clariti® 1 day daily disposable lenses as a suitable alternative. Their silicone hydrogel material makes them extremely breathable and more comfortable to wear.

WetLoc technology helps to retain moisture and ensure optimal wettability, keeping eyes fully hydrated throughout the day. clariti® 1 day lenses also feature UV blocking filters. Though not a substitute for sunglasses, it provides an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

As always, if you’re considering switching lenses, you’ll need to have them fitted by an optician first.

*Pair UV blocking contact lenses with sunglasses for full protection.


Lenstore has strict referencing and sourcing guidelines. Our product descriptions are authored and reviewed by Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom.

1. Live® daily disposable. CooperVision. Accessed Feb. 05, 2021.

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Live 1 Day Reviews

Overall: 4.76 49 reviews

  • By Mrs Sarah Hollingshead on 15 March 2022 Same brand that my optician supplies!
  • By James Simons on 18 February 2022 Very comfortable lenses at a good price
  • By T Scott on 18 January 2022 Great service, great lenses
  • By Jane on 07 December 2021 The most comfortable lenses I have ever used for the best price
  • By Martin Harding on 18 November 2021 Great lenses at a really good price. No irritation ,so far so good
  • By Roy Drinkwater on 02 November 2021 Comfortable lenses, correct fitting for me at a fair price.
  • By NA on 28 September 2021 They are exactly the same (even the internal packaging) as the ones I have had previously from Specsavers but for a fraction of the price
  • By Friend of Ted on 14 September 2021 Excellent quality
  • By Mrs Hillier on 03 September 2021 The lenses are excellent
  • By Jane on 17 August 2021 Good price for most comfortable lenses I have ever used
  • By Mrs Christian on 14 August 2021 Great product easy to use
  • By Neil Duffell on 27 July 2021 Happy with the product, it is doing what I expect-will use lenstore again
  • By Emma on 13 July 2021 I've been wearing contact lens for 32 years. I have never experienced any problems during that time and even though these are the equivalent to the ones purchased from my opticians I'm pleased that this has not changed.
  • By Peter Hayward on 24 June 2021 All good, thanks.
  • By Hester on 03 June 2021 Best value for money lens. The most comforable I have ever tried. You don't have to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that these lenses are exactly the same as Clarity 1 day for lower price.
  • By Natalie on 03 June 2021 ..........
  • By Pauline Talbot on 19 May 2021 Perfect for my eyes. Comfortable lenses at an affordable cost.
  • By Miss anonymous on 18 May 2021 No red eye from this product, stay fresh all day in an air conditioned office. Very happt
  • By Richelle on 07 May 2021 I love these contacts! I typically have issues with daily wear, where they dry my eyes out before the end of the day...not these! I can comfortably wear all day without issues! Highly recommend.
  • By BeaSouth on 07 April 2021 Excellent lens - only quibble is so well sealed takes a tug to unwrap compared to previous lenses I have used
  • By Jane on 06 April 2021 Great lenses,very comfortable to wear
  • By Mrs Christian on 26 March 2021 Very comfy lenses very well packaged also I've had no problems with them and I've now started on my second box :) highly recommend
  • By Debbie Price Barker on 18 February 2021 So comfortable, so easy! Love these!!
  • By Paul on 18 February 2021 Great value for money.
  • By Sylvie on 16 January 2021 They are cheap but this is where the benefit ends. These are definitely not 'daily' lenses as they don't last longer than 3 or 4 hours without feeling like they need to be scraped out of my eyes. I don't have dry eyes but these are horrible and after minutes I need to start blinking. Several of them have ripped as well when taking out the package, would not order again.
  • By Christina on 02 January 2021 Very satisfied with the purchase.
  • By Richelle on 14 December 2020 Love these lenses! My eyes don't dry out, very comfortable...I forget they are in.
  • By Darren on 11 December 2020 Great product, my item was lost in post and I was sent a replacement very quick! Much appreciated
  • By Jane on 28 November 2020 Best lenses I have ever used, so comfortable. Great price
  • By Jill Collings on 29 October 2020 Great lenses easy to put in and do not cause any irritation for my dry eyes would recommend
  • By Abi on 24 October 2020 These lenses are exactly the same as a brand from my usual optician. Less expensive than the stores lenscheme subscription
  • By Roseann Kealy on 26 September 2020 As comfortable to wear as the more expensive brand I've been using.
  • By Lisa Baxter on 16 September 2020 Excellent
  • By Ann on 05 September 2020 Fantastic exactly the same as my usual expensive brand via an optician. The price is half what I would spend with them and delivery is a longer wait
  • By Craig Shrimpton on 22 August 2020 Excellent all day comfort for me. The only reason not 5 stars is a silly one: the individual lense carriers tear too frequently when I am trying to snap the lenses off for the day. Occasionally that means I have 2 days lenses of the same eye open at the same time which is an inconvenience. Otherwise they are highly recommended
  • By Saya on 15 August 2020 I chose this particular brand of contact lense because the diameter and base curve matched exactly from the ones I usually oder from the high street optician, I searched hard to get perfect match. the the package is different from the ones I normally order at High Street Optician but the contents turned up to be exactly the same as this Live contact lenses, very comfortable to wear, good quality . I have been wearing contact lenses almost all day for 30 years. Price is same whether I buy online or from my usual optician.
  • By Susan Bowdler on 02 August 2020 The contacts are the same as I used to buy from SpecSavers. They cost a little bit more but its so much more convenient to buy them on line and have them delivered faster. I could buy them from SpecSavers on line but the minimum purchase is two months’ worth and its too expensive for me to do so and I object to being made to buy more than I want.
  • By Kate Henderson on 01 August 2020 Same lenses as a big opticians i have used who said they were being discontinued, and cheaper with lenstore
  • By lisa challoner on 07 July 2020 Same price as the options, but hassle free as delivered to the door.
  • By S.Edwards on 03 July 2020 Great product always felt great to wear over long periods of time
  • By Jane on 20 June 2020 Best lenses I’ve ever used. My eyes don’t get that ‘gritty’ feeling later in the day.
  • By Alex Callighan on 06 June 2020 Fab online store, easy and quick to order and deliver
  • By vanessa on 04 June 2020 Exactly the same as I’d normally order from opticians
  • By Mrs.Donna Heffer on 29 May 2020 Exactly the lenses I currently use, just different outer box. Needed spares - these were priced well and delivered super fast!
  • By Sara on 23 May 2020 Comfortable lenses and great value for money
  • By nholmesd on 16 May 2020 No complaints at all.....excellent service👍🏻👍🏻
  • By Matt Kirby on 28 April 2020 Perfect fit!
  • By John on 06 December 2019 Complete waste of time and money. The lenses they sent wasn’t any good. I phoned them up and explained the problem, They told me to throw them away and they’ll send out a new pack of lenses. Been nearly two weeks now still not received Any. Think I’ve been ripped off. Wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.
  • By Bridie on 17 September 2019 Very easy to use and they last all day.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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