Delta Multi Pack (3x20ml & 3x100ml)

Delta Multi Pack

3x20ml & 3x100ml per box


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CooperVision Contact Lenses

Suited to RGP lenses

Specially formulated for your rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

Two-step system

Delta® Cleaner starts the cleaning process by gently removing unwanted deposits from your lenses, followed by Delta Plus® conditioning solution that disinfects, soaks, and rewets your contact lenses, so they’re comfortable to wear.


Provides a daily comprehensive cleaning process and disinfection of your contact lenses.

Multi-pack savings

Save money with this convenient 3-month supply multi-pack.

CooperVision’s Delta® System multi-pack contains a lens case and 3 x bottles of Delta® Cleaner, and 3 x bottles of Delta Plus® solution to maintain the hygiene of your RGP contact lenses.

Important: please follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions before use. Do not let the cleaner come in direct contact with your eyes.

Recommended For

Delta® System is suitable for use with rigid gas permeable contact lenses only.

Please always check with your Optician before making changes to your lens care routine.

Product Information

Categories Hard / RGP Contacts Lens Solutions
Brand CooperVision
Ingredients  Delta Cleaner: Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate,
Purified water
Delta Plus: Polyhexanide 0.0001% w/v, EDTA, Phosphate buffer, Poloxamer, Sodium chloride, Purified water
Preservatives Delta Cleaner: No
Delta Plus: Yes
Usage Instructions  1. Wash hands with soap & warm water and dry with a lint-free towel.
2. Place 3 or more drops of Delta Cleaner on one side of the lens surface.
3. Rub lens gently in a non-circular motion from the centre to the edges for at least 10 seconds.
4. Turn the lens over and repeat steps 2 & 3
5. Thoroughly rinse the contact lens with Saline or Delta Plus solution and place in the case
6. Soak lenses in Delta Plus for at least 4 hours or overnight for disinfection
7. After the soaking period is over, rinse your lenses with Delta Plus before inserting
8. Discard any solution left in the lens case and leave it to air dry

Type of solution:  

The Delta® Multipack contains:

Delta® Cleaner (First-step) – A preservative-free cleaner used to remove any deposits from the surface of your RGP contact lenses.

Delta Plus® (Second-step) – A conditioning solution to effectively disinfect and lubricate your contact lenses with a gel cushion for enhanced hydration and comfort.

Pack sizes: 

The Delta® Multi-pack contains 3 x 20ml Delta® Cleaner, 3 x 100ml Delta Plus®, and one soaking case. Individually, Delta® Cleaner is available in 20ml bottles and Delta Plus® in 100ml bottles.


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