Refine One Step (250ml)

Refine One Step

250ml per box


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Important: This is a Hydrogen Peroxide solution – please consult with your Optician and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Do not let solution come in direct contact with your eyes. Not for use with coloured lenses.

This 3% hydrogen peroxide solution lubricates, cleans, and disinfects both soft and RGP contact lenses, as the name says–in one easy step.

Works with all lenses

No matter what lens style you wear, Refine One Step solution can be used with all types of soft reusable lenses, as well as rigid gas permeable.

Free of preservatives

Ideal solution for wearers that have eyes that are more sensitive to preservatives.

Deep clean

A special component removes deposits from soft contact lenses. Contains a lubricating agent so you can enjoy enhanced lens comfort.

Recommended For

CooperVision Refine One Step preservative-free solution is suitable for use with RGP and soft reusable contact lenses.

Please always check with your optician before making changes to your lens care routine.

Product Information

Categories Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions
Brand CooperVision
Ingredients  3% Hydrogen peroxide,
Sodium chloride,
Phosphate buffer,
Purified water
Preservatives No
Usage Instructions  1. Wash hands with soap & warm water and dry with a lint-free towel
2. Open basket of barrel case and insert lenses, close baskets
3. Fill case up to marked line with solution. Do not overfill
4. Place lens holder into barrel case and close securely
5. Always soak lenses for at least 6 hours or overnight for disinfection. Do not insert into eyes until neutralisation process is finished
6. After the soaking period is over, remove lenses to wear

Type of solution:  

Refine One Step is a preservative-free peroxide solution designed to cover all steps of your lens cleaning routine. It stores, disinfects, and lubricates all types of soft reusable and RGP contact lenses.

Pack sizes: 

Refine One Step is available in sizes of 100ml (travel size), 250ml, 360ml, and a convenient 3 x 250ml multi-pack. All packs include an antibacterial lens case.


Refine One Step Reviews

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