Hy-Care (250ml)


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250ml per box

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1 antimicrobial contact lens soaking case included


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  • Multipurpose solution. Allows you to clean, disinfect and store your lenses, without the need for multiple solutions.
  • Designed with comfort in mind. Mimics the pH of your tears, for more comfortable lens wear.
  • Clear vision and healthy eyes. Removes build ups of protein, keeping your lenses clean and healthy.

This pack lasts for a months’ worth of use.

Hy-Care is a multipurpose solution designed to be used for cleaning, disinfecting and storing your lenses. An all-purpose solution, so you don’t have multiple bottles for cleaning and disinfecting your lenses.

Not only this, but it also promotes comfort, by matching the pH of your eye as well as moistening your lenses. Hy-Care also removes deposits of protein that accumulates over time, for healthier contact lens wear.

You can use Hy-Care contact lens solution if you wear any type of soft contact lenses, even if they contain silicone hydrogel.

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Please be advised that Hy-Care solution is not preservative free. Talk to your optician if you're unsure if you can use Hy-Care.

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Hy-Care Reviews

Overall: 5 4 reviews

  • By Jade on 04 September 2018 Good contact lense solution, I like that you get a contact lense case with it as well as I threw all of mine out and didn't think about a case to put my lenses in when finished with them for the day.
  • By Howard on 12 June 2018 I have had no irritation from this easy to use cleaner/soak. Excellent!
  • By Madelaine on 24 March 2018 I had a reaction to another solution from my opticians and ever since I was recommended Hy-Care I've had no issues. Great product
  • By Shereen on 02 December 2017 At first I was a little unsure if this may irritate my eyes as a previous product did, which was bought at a different company! This is so gentle on your eyes and doesn’t cause any irritation at all! A really good product. Will definitely stick with this brand.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of Lenstore.co.uk. If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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