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5 facts about eye colour

Countless poets and artists have romanticised eye colour, but science suggests that it can reveal a whole lot more than you think. We did into the meanings behind different eye colours.

Back-to-school eye care basics

As parents, we do everything we can to get our children off to a great start in school. But, while we’re busy stocking up on back-to-school supplies, many of us miss one key learning tool; our child’s vision.

The UK’s Cyberchondria Capitals

Cyberchondria Capitals: The UK cities where residents self-diagnose using Google the most

Self-diagnosing using the internet is a common activity.

In fact, according to Google’s Health Vice President David Feinberg, MD, as much as 7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related. We spend a lot of time online, and with such information being so quick and easy to access it’s unsurprising that Google is often our first resort.