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Halloween contact lenses

Halloween coloured contact lenses: A Safety Guide

Halloween is almost here and dressing up is one of the main things we look forward to. And with people wanting to make an effort on their costumes, coloured contact lenses are a perfect way to finish off your spooky look. But are you making sure you’re using them safely? 

Roshni Patel BSC (Hons) MCOptom, has produced a guide to ensure you are wearing your coloured contact lenses safely, and having a fun-filled Halloween. Following these safety tips, we also discuss the best coloured contact lenses based on your eye colour.

Consult an optician or eye doctor before purchasing a pair of coloured contacts

Whilst you may be able to find some cheap coloured contact lenses online to top off your costume, this can cause unnecessary damage to your eyesight. Before completing your look it’s essential to consult your optician to determine the best Halloween contact lenses for you, as without the correct prescription, you will cause unwanted and potentially lasting damage to your sight. 

If you already wear contact lenses and have a prescription, you can easily add your base curve (BC) and a diameter measurement to a contact lens retailer website. This way the contacts will feel comfortable on your eye and you’ll avoid risk of damage. 

Our range of trusted coloured contact lenses brands includes Freshlook, CooperVision Expressions and Soflens Natural Colors.

Do I need a prescription to wear coloured contacts on Halloween? 

Halloween contacts are for everyone, whether you need a prescription or not. If you do not require prescribed lenses, you can select lenses with zero visual support. Just remember to consult with an optician to be certain you don’t need a prescription and can safely join in this spooky season.

Inserting and removing coloured contact lenses safely 

Halloween is a fun celebration for millions across the globe but there’s nothing enjoyable about an eye infection or permanent vision damage. Remember these safety precautions whenever you wear your contact lenses, coloured or not.

  1. Firstly, stop wearing the contacts if your eyes become irritated or you experience persistent discomfort. 
  2. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before and after inserting contact lenses or you’ll run the risk of harmful bacteria reaching your lens and eyes.
  3. Store your lenses in solution if necessary as this will help guarantee your eyes are safe from infection. 
  4. Only wear your contact lenses for the recommended time as you will be cutting off the supply of oxygen to your eyes leading to new blood vessel growth and the eye condition Corneal Neovascularization.
  5. Don’t ever share your lenses. You’ll be exchanging eye germs and increasing your chances of an eye infection.
  6. Never wear a torn or damaged contact as this will scratch and damage the surface of your cornea. 
  7. Put your contact lenses in before applying your Halloween makeup or Special FX to avoid them getting dirty and damaged, and further leading to eye irritations and infections. 

Taking these precautions will allow you to have a fun, stress-free Halloween this October that will leave your eyes in good health.

Expert optometrist Roshni Patel shares her advice

‘If you’re planning on enhancing your Halloween costume with coloured contacts this Halloween make sure you buy from a trusted brand using your correct prescription. 

It’s tempting to quickly buy cheap ones however, they are often particularly damaging ‘circle lenses’ as they sit on a delicate area and cover your sclera. These can increase your chances of cornea scratches and damage, leading to unwanted infections such as styes, swelling and discharge’. - Roshni Patel BSC (Hons) MCOptom

How to choose the right coloured contact lenses for your eyes?

No matter your eye colour, Lenstore can help you choose the right coloured lenses this Halloween with its colour guide. 

The right coloured prescription for dark eyes? 

If you have dark eyes and want to make a dramatic colour change this Halloween to perhaps red or white, opaque lenses are the right choice for you. They work by using the new deeper colour to provide a complete change to your original colour. 

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, opt for vivid colours, such as blue, green or violet – the perfect finishing touch to any ghoulish outfit. Pair our violet contact lenses with your evil witch outfit, or try misty grey lenses to give your eyes a ghostly gaze. 

Subtle changes can also be made as they come in a variety of colours from blue, green, grey. Be careful to always check the product description looking for 'opaque' before purchase and remember how they look will vary from individual to individual based on your original eye colour. 

The right coloured prescription for light eyes?

If you’ve naturally got a lighter eye colour, you have the opinion of choosing between both opaque which will give you a very dramatic look, and colour enhancer lenses. Enhancer lenses have been specifically designed for lighter eyes and will subtly give your natural eye colour a more intense spooky look come October 31st.

Remember coloured contacts don’t have to just be for Halloween, they are fast becoming a fashion accessory. If you want to enhance your everyday look or feel special for a party try these enhancer lenses. They work by using natural patterns close to the original eyes to make these subtle and effective changes. 

Brainteaser: Spot the mummy with the red coloured contacts in!

Put your eyes to the test today with our Halloween brainteaser. How quickly can you spot the mummy with the evil red eyes? 

Why not try our red contact lenses and be like our evil mummy this Halloween. 

The answer is shown in the image below. Don't look until you have managed to solve the puzzle unless you are really stuck!!









Lenstore Halloween Brainteaser Answer