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Why am I getting headaches after being fitted with contact lenses?

There are many reasons as to why your lenses may be giving you headaches after a fitting consultation.

If you have been fitted for contact lenses and have started to have headache shortly after, it would be best to arrange an appointment to see your optician as soon as possible.

You may experience headaches after being fitted with contact lenses for the following reasons:

  • Wrong prescription: Your contact lens prescription is difficult for an optician to get wrong. If it is incorrect, too weak or too strong, you will find that this will cause headaches and eye strain. Arrange an appointment with your optician.
  • Poorly fitting lenses: Your lenses may not be fitting correctly, it would be worth arranging an appointment with your optician to check the fitting of your lenses and to find the cause of your lenses.
  • Dry eyes: Dry eyes can cause discomfort and possibly headaches.
  • Adaptation: Headaches can also be caused when you are trying lenses for the first time. This is because our eyes may need to adapt to the change from wearing glasses to wearing lenses. Similarly, changing to an astigmatic lens or a multifocal lens may have the same effect. This is common, and usually nothing to worry about, unless it continues for a long time.

If you have been suffering with headaches since being fitted with lenses it will be a good idea to arrange an appointment with your optician to find the cause.