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10 creative ways to hit your daily step count

Ten thousand steps a day can feel like a lofty goal, especially when we’re all spending more time at home. But with a little creativity, we can turn everyday tasks into opportunities to boost our physical and mental health — without even breaking a sweat. Ready to step up to the challenge?

#1 Walk and talk 

Tired of stuffy meeting rooms? Join great minds, like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, who famously took their meetings on foot. You’ll be amazed by how much ground you can cover in 30 minutes, and you’ll also enjoy the brain-boosting benefits of being on the move.

#2 Deskbound? Set regular reminders 

If you work in front of a screen, it’s easy for the whole day to pass without much activity. If you need a gentle nudge, there are tons of apps, such as ‘Break Time’, that will help you move more throughout the day. Alternatively, you can just set regular reminders on your watch or your phone. 

#3 Squeeze in a lunchtime stroll

Tons of studies have shown that taking a lunchtime stroll can boost everything from your concentration to your creativity. A post-meal walk also helps with digestion and improves blood sugar levels. Bored of walking alone? Tune into your favourite podcast or recruit a walking buddy.

#4 Dance while doing the housework

Dancing can make even the most hated household chores fun. And if you really put your back into it, a good cleaning session can burn as many calories as going to the gym. So go ahead, create a killer playlist and shimmy through your list of chores.

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#5 Walk while watching TV 

Turn your box set binge into a mini workout by marching or jogging on the spot. If that’s too distracting, try doing a few laps of your living room during the commercials. Three back-to-back episodes of your favourite programme could earn you over 30 minutes of activity.  

#6 Up your water intake

Aim to drink a glass of water every hour. Those trips to the water cooler or kitchen will keep you hydrated and also put a dent in your daily step count.

#7 Stroll between errands 

Got a few errands to run? Park in a central spot and walk between each location. If you can do it all on foot, without getting in the car, even better! 

#8 Park further away 

Instead of fighting for a front-row parking spot at the supermarket, choose a space further away and walk to the entrance. 

#9 Take the stairs 

It sounds obvious, but you can clock up a considerable amount of steps just by swapping the elevator for the stairs. Taking the stairs has been shown to boost heart health, circulation and fitness levels. And if you do it often enough, it’ll soon become a habit. 

#10 Walk to work

If the distance allows for it, there are tons of reasons to walk to work. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s a great way to sneak in a morning workout. You’ll avoid the headaches of rush hour and arrive at work feeling energised and ready to tackle anything. If you take the train or bus, hop off a stop early and walk the rest of the way. 

Combine a few of these tasks, and you’ve got yourself some serious steps without much effort at all. Whether you’re keeping active at home or the office, you’ll want the freedom to move without the hassle of wearing specs. Low on lenses? Order your favourites in just a few clicks.

Article originally posted in October 2020. It has since been updated.
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