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Eyes on the prize: 5 athletes who wear lenses and why

Summer 2021 has been packed full of sporting action. Between major events like the Euros, Wimbledon, and the Tokyo Olympics, there’s been no shortage of special moments for fans and players to enjoy. But for those memorable moments to happen, professional athletes need to be in peak form to have their eyes on the prize. And for some, that means a little performance boost with the help of contact lenses.  

From Olympic rowers and track stars to some of the highest-paid football players on the planet­–here are five athletes who wear lenses, and how their contacts help them stay at the top of their game. 

Katarina Johnson-Thompson


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Going for gold is Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s Olympic vision–and to help her reach the podium, she relies on contact lenses to get her there. The World Champion British heptathlete favours daily lenses for a clear vision of the finish line because they allow her to compete in more challenging events like high jump and hurdles without the restriction of specs. Nicknamed KJT, Katarina has claimed, “I definitely couldn’t be a heptathlete without my contact lenses. They allow me to perform, they allow me to be free – they just allow me to be myself.”

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Novak Djokovic


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Novak doesn’t joke around when it’s time to serve up a clear vision tennis court. The world’s number 1 ranked player can credit his 20 Grand Slam victories to his 20/20 vision provided by his contact lenses. While they famously caused a halt in play during the Australian Open, the world learned that lenses are considered “necessary equipment”–according to tennis officials. While it might’ve been a slight hiccup for the star, Novak would agree that his contacts have certainly been necessary for him to become one of the top players of all time.

David De Gea


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The key to blocking penalty kicks is getting a clear read on the shooter’s first step and movements. So, when diagnosed with hyperopia, goalkeeper David De Gea turned to contact lenses to keep a clean sheet on his farsightedness. The Manchester United and Spanish national team star counts on daily disposable lenses for clear all-around views and the confidence to keep his eye on the ball and out of the back of the net.

Kathrin Marchand


Olympian Kathrin Marchand has been wearing lenses since 2012 while representing the German national women’s rowing eight team in both in the London and Rio summer games. When preparing for the Olympics, Marchand trained twice a day while also studying medicine. To keep up with her busy schedule, she found that wearing convenient contact lenses not only helped correct her nearsightedness but stopped water splashing on her specs to slow her down. “Today I am an enthusiastic and consistent lens wearer,” says Kathrin as she keeps on course with her contact use. 

Mario Balotelli


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Known for his style both on and off the pitch, “Super Mario” also likes to sport contact lenses to keep his eyes on point. The famous Italian born footballer, who has spent his career playing for numerous clubs across Europe, used to wear corrective lenses for his nearsightedness but underwent laser eye surgery to fix his vision more permanently. While he no longer needs them to improve his eyesight, Mario still wears contact lenses as a striking fashion statement, most noticeably choosing bright blue coloured lenses.

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Why athletes choose contact lenses for sports

Contact lenses offer freedom and comfort that glasses often can’t when competing on the field, track, rink, or court. Here’s a quick list of advantages of why many athletes choose contacts when playing sports.

  • More stable vision
  • No glasses fog or water splashes on specs
  • Better peripheral vision
  • Compatible with other sporting equipment (helmets, goggles, sunglasses)
  • Safer and less chance of injury
  • Don’t slip down your face or fall off
  • UV protection during outdoor events
  • Convenience

While training and eating the proper diet is a big factor in performance, having crystal clear vision is necessary for any athlete to stay competitive. Contact lenses are the perfect solution for any sportsperson needing clear all-around vision without glasses frames restricting views or slipping down their face when trying to score the winning goal or beat their personal best record.

To guide your vision to victory, shop our wide range of daily disposable lenses that are an excellent fit for your active lifestyle. 

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