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6 reasons to get outside this autumn

It's tempting to let the colder days coax you into hibernation. But research has shown time and time again that the more time we spend outdoors, the happier and healthier we become. 

We've got six reasons to pull on your favourite jumper and step outside, come rain or shine. 

Health perk #1: Better physical health

outdoor workout

Being active outdoors leads to longer, more productive workouts, but exercising in the peak of summer can be a little uncomfortable. Autumn is a great time to relish the cooler weather before winter rolls in. Biking, hiking, gardening and even a stroll in the park are all great autumn activities. 

Health perk #2: Wards off seasonal depression

autumn happiness

In the colder months, the dip in natural sunlight can trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Studies show that spending time outdoors can counteract these effects — even on a cold, cloudy day. So whether it's squeezing in a morning walk or taking your lunch break outside, be sure to schedule some time outdoors every day. 

Health perk #3: Autumn colours boost our mood & energy

colourful autumn leaves

Autumn has something special for all of our senses, especially our eyes. Research shows that taking a stroll through a colourful, leafy landscape can help lift our mood and bring about nostalgic memories. Rich reds, vibrant oranges and warm yellows are thought to convey feelings of energy, enthusiasm, fun and cheerfulness. 

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Health perk #4: Nature restores our focus 

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Ever get that feeling of brain fog where you just can't focus? Taking a break in nature might be the breath of fresh air that your brain needs to reset. Studies have shown that just by spending an hour outdoors interacting with nature, we can improve our focus and short-term memory by 20%. The Japanese call this 'forest bathing.'

Health perk #5: Inspires creativity 


Struggling to get the creative juices flowing? There's a reason why great minds like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg famously took meetings on foot. It turns out that walking — especially when exposed to fresh air — awakens creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Health perk #6: Improves sleep quality


Our eyes need enough natural light to regulate our internal clock and keep our sleep cycle regular. Spending time outdoors can help relieve stress and reduce negative thoughts that keep us up at night. Add an outdoor workout to the mix, and you've got all the ingredients for a peaceful slumber. 

Outdoor eye care tips

Whether you're into hiking, biking, jogging or yoga, contact lenses give you complete freedom to focus on your favourite autumn activities. Better yet, all it takes is a few simple steps to keep your contacts clean and comfy while spending time outdoors. 

  • Carry backups: It's handy to carry a spare pair of lenses, cleaning solution and eye drops — just in case. 
  • Keep it clean: Always wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before touching your lenses to minimise the risk of nasty bacteria entering your eye and causing infection.
  • Switch to dailies: If you have an active lifestyle and find cleaning your monthlies a hassle, consider asking an eye care professional if switching to daily contact lenses is a suitable fit for you.
  • Dealing with dry eye: The colder weather can leave your eyes feeling dry and irritated. The most effective way to relieve dry eye is to use artificial teardrops that are suitable to use with your lenses. Better yet, most eye drops are conveniently available in travel size bottles for on-the-go use. 
  • Shield your eyes from allergens: Allergies also tend to act up in autumn, but that doesn't have to put a stop to your outdoor adventures. Pop on a pair of sunglasses and head outside in the afternoon when the pollen counts are lowest. 
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