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Festive Coloured Contact Lenses at Lenstore

Gearing up for the Christmas party season? Put the finishing touches to your look with our selection of fun festive coloured contact lenses.

Each lens has been matched with complementary colours and outfit suggestions to help take your party get-up to a whole new level.

These stylish festive colours are flattering for all and look great when paired with matching make-up and accessories.

The Christmas Lens Box


The state of driver’s eyesight revealed

Drivers are stripped of their licence for several reasons, and one of them can be because their vision doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. In 2019, around 19 people per day lost their licence because of their eyesight. 

The ability to see clearly is crucial for driving safely. Given that our eyesight can deteriorate as we age, it is often debated whether people should be allowed to drive as they reach certain milestones.  

The Development of Babies’ Eyesight

It’s natural for new parents to ask various questions about their newborn baby. As the baby grows in the first few months to a year, there are plenty of changes to witness. Vision is something that develops and changes quickly in babies, from eye colour to being able to see clearly.

How to protect your eyes and contact lenses when using makeup?

From concealer to mascara, makeup is worn by millions of people each and every day and it’s important when applying it to be doing so in a safe manner. Applying makeup around the eye area requires extra care to ensure you are protecting your sight from infection, or even poking your eye out and causing long-lasting damage. 

The best tube lines to apply your makeup, revealed!

Whether it’s commuting to work or meeting up with friends, we’ve all been in a situation where we’re running late and find ourselves applying makeup on the tube. For many of us, this is a challenge in itself; the heat of the carriages, finding a seat and the risk of getting knocked over on a busy line.

But have you ever wondered which are the best and arguably safest lines to do your makeup? 

Halloween coloured contact lenses: A Safety Guide

Halloween is almost here and dressing up is one of the main things we look forward to. And with people wanting to make an effort on their costumes, coloured contact lenses are a perfect way to finish off your spooky look. But are you making sure you’re using them safely? 

These are the most attractive eye colours

When picking prospective dating partners, there are many factors that we look at, and on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, first impressions are vitally important. 

One of those impressions comes in the form of eye colour. Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and a connection when you make eye contact can be the spark that leads to a long romance. 

Website Accessibility Report

For most of us, the internet provides almost unlimited access to all the information, products and services we could possibly need. However, there are still many people who struggle to access even the most ubiquitous sites on the web.