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What type of headaches do Brits experience the most?

Headaches are very common and can be due to many day-to-day things like dehydration or stress. Feeling unwell with things like a cold or a bug can make us prone to headaches as well.

In our previous screentime study, we revealed there is a link between staring at screens for a prolonged period and health problems such as eye strain and headaches.

While continuous headaches could indicate that you need an updated contact lens or glasses prescription, we know that the cause of headaches is diverse.

How to protect your eyes and contact lenses when using makeup?

From concealer to mascara, makeup is worn by millions of people each and every day, and it’s important when applying it to be doing so in a safe manner. Applying makeup around the eye area requires extra care to ensure you are protecting your sight from infection or even poking your eye out and causing long-lasting damage. 

For contact lens wearers, the challenge of protecting your eyes when applying makeup can seem even greater, as you need to ensure both your contact lens and eyes are being taken care of.