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Harry Potter Inspired Glasses

Avatar, Spiderman, and Harry Potter: See what glasses look like when inspired by popular movies

Some of our favourite movie characters wear glasses, most famously Harry Potter and Peter Parker when he is not clinging to walls as Spider-Man. However, it seems like most superheroes must wear contact lenses

Interested to see what design of glasses our favourite movie characters would wear, we have asked AI image generation tool Midjourney to create glasses inspired by 8 of the biggest movies of all time.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is known for his black rimmed round glasses, but AI has generated glasses that have kept to the round design but has added patterns that very much resemble Hogwarts interior and also a touch of magic sparkle. How do you reckon Mr Potter would suit these spectacles?

Harry Potter Inspired Glasses


The recent release of Way of the Water has been a smash hit, currently rated 7.8 on IMBD. The glasses created represent the Avatar blue with gold splashes that are seen throughout the film.

Avatar Inspired Glasses


We didn’t think that glasses could be scary but there is no denying what film inspired these glasses. The new scream film, in cinemas now, is not one for the fainthearted.

Scream Inspired Glasses


Peter Parker may wear glasses when he isn’t saving the streets as spiderman but what would Spiderman’s glasses look like? It is only right that Spiderman’s glasses also cling on to buildings.

Spiderman Inspired Glasses


These glasses encapsulate the all-black image of the superhero that fights crime in Gotham City. Maybe a replacement for the Batman mask after a long day bringing justice.

Batman Inspired Glasses

Fast and Furious

Could you see Dom Toretto in a pair of these in Fast and Furious 10 which is released in May? AI has produced glasses they feel represent the films, with no surprise the emphasis is on speed.

Fast and Furious Inspired Glasses


The new Barbie movie will be released in July this year and with pink and a touch of blue the colours that resonates with Barbie, if she needed glasses these AI generated ones would be a great option.

Barbie Inspired Glasses

The Incredible Hulk

If any superhero should be wearing contact lenses, it should probably be the Hulk. These glasses are most likely to be broken in no time – but they would suit him!

The Incredible Hulk inspired glasses

Black Panther

With a few different characters taking up the mantle of ‘Black Panther’ across the films, these stylish specs could suit whoever is currently in the role of protector of Wakanda.

Black Panther inspired glasses

These glasses may be a bit out there for you, or maybe you are not a glasses person at all, don’t worry contact lenses do the same job, so stick to them just like our favourite superheroes do.