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Dream job to test a TV show’s bingeability

Lenstore: Bingeability Tester Dream Job

Whether you’re a Netflix and Chiller or an Amazon Primer and Quality Timer… we want to hear from you! 

As the Winter weather continues into the New Year, the time for duvet days and movie marathons is yet to die. But what if you could get paid to stay wrapped up on the sofa? 

This reading test is designed for 10-year-olds – will you pass?

Britain is a nation of avid readers, with 92% saying they enjoy or love reading according to our recent survey.

The pandemic also encouraged and enabled us to read more, with one in four (26%) Brits getting stuck into more books during the lockdowns.

But not everyone has much time for reading now things are back to normal, in fact, one in eight (13%) told us that they’re rarely reading atm due to having limited free time. This in turn could explain why 6.2 million Brits can’t remember the last time they picked up a book and read for pleasure!